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It's All About Tea — tea drunk

Tea For Stress And Anxiety

Posted by Path Of Cha on

For many of us, the world is going through a turbulent time. It is easy to get overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and uncertainties. Lately, I found myself in this situation. At times it can seem as though I am no longer in control of my own life.  

While many of us are going through quarantine and social distancing, some professions continue to go to work. Whatever the situation, it is not an easy time. 

Being based in big and bustling New York, it is hard not to feel the effects of the quarantine first-hand. When I become overwhelmed, it can even be hard to remember about the remedies I have at my side.

So I decided to turn the situation around — I picked up a packet of my favorite tea. (Read more)

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Best Oolong Tea: The 5 Most Popular Oolong Teas

Posted by Path of Cha on

What is your favorite tea type? For many the answer is — oolong!
What makes oolong so favored? Perhaps its multidimensionality, the variety present within this single tea category. A lightly roasted oolong has a resemblance most similar to green teas, while a dark roasted oolong will resemble black tea. Nevertheless, it is neither. It is in between and can not be imitated. (Read more)

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How To Get Tea Drunk? (5 Easy Steps To Get High Off Tea)

Posted by Path Of Cha on

Many of us might have experienced that state of being tea drunk before. The state of being when we feel alert, creative and blissful; at the same time peaceful and relaxed. If you have, read on to see what exactly it is in tea that causes us to feel this way. And if you have never experienced yourself being high off tea follow the steps in this article to experiencing it! (Read more)

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