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Caffeine-free Tisanes

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"Stone Apple" Matoom Herbal Tea (Thailand 🇹🇭)

Juicy and sweet tropical fruit tea

Caffeine free

$15.00 Sold Out
Sobacha (Japan)

Taste: nutty, savory
Aroma: lightly roasted
Mouthfeel: smooth & thick

Caffeine free

Black Currant Herbal Tea

Sweet and sour, refreshing blackcurrant flavor

Caffeine free

Tropical Herbal Tea

Great combination of Pineapple, Coconut, Apple, Mango and Papaya

Caffeine free

Sweet Peach Herbal Tea

Sweet nectarine drink with notes of peach, apple, orange and chrysanthemum

Caffeine free

Waterlilies Herbal Tea

Great, refreshing pineapple flavor

Caffeine free

$9.00 Sold Out
Apple Awakening Herbal Tea

Great combination of apple and citrus flavors

Caffeine free

$9.00 Sold Out
Blueberry World Herbal Tea

Perfect mix of grapes, black currant, blueberry and cornflower

Caffeine free

$9.00 Sold Out

About Caffeine-free Tisanes [+]

We hand-blend our caffeine-free herbal teas with premium organic herbs and spices that we import directly from growers. We put our herbal ingredients through critical and extensive evaluation – just as we do with our single-origin teas – by constantly cupping their seasonal character and selecting only the best lots for our blends.  The herbal blends in our menu contain a range of premium quality roots, fruits, flowers, seeds, barks, stems, leaves, as well as other rare botanicals and spices that are often combined with natural plant essential oils and fruit extracts. Our herbal teas exhibit flavors and traditions from around the world and are always hand blended in micro-batches, cured for harmony, and cupped before release to ensure the batch is at its prime character.