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It's All About Tea — jasmine

Custom tea blends with the six tea types – Part 2

Posted by Boyka Mihaylova on

In the previous blog post, we started a thread on some of the most popular custom tea blends featuring loose-leaf tea. We explored a deeply rooted tradition of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) of mixing loose-leaf tea with various medicinal herbs, fruits, and flowers, among others, to create tea elixirs that are both therapeutic and aromatic. They focus on harmonizing the wellness aspects with the enjoyable sensory experiences of the tea.

We have explored some of Green and White Tea's custom tea blends. In this blog post, we continue with some of the most aromatic and complex tea types, namely Oolong tea, Red tea or Hong Cha (known as Black tea in the Western world), and Hei Cha, with Pu-erh tea as one of its most notable representatives. We'll learn about the different tea blends created with those tea types. We'll also explore the healthy advantages they bring along and how their ancient wisdom might benefit our modern lives. (Read More)

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All About The Best Jasmine Tea

Posted by Angelina Kurganska on

Jasmine tea always tops the favorites list of tea drinkers who like sweet and exceptionally aromatic teas. While most of our teas have floral aromas solely because of the processing and growing regions, the floral scent of jasmine tea actually comes from it being infused with the flowers. 

The flavor of a quality jasmine tea will be sweet, refreshing, and exceptionally aromatic! When brewing jasmine tea, the scent of the flowers immediately fills the room. It’s a celebration of the senses. The aroma of jasmine tea is known to relax and alleviate the mood. People who drink jasmine tea regularly say they feel much happier and relaxed. Particularly when choosing a tea for relaxation, we recommend jasmine tea without hesitation! (Read more)

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Everyone's Favorite Scented Tea: Jasmine Tea

Posted by Angelina Kurganska on

Jasmine tea is favored for its influence on our health. The health benefits of jasmine tea in large come from the benefits of the tea leaf itself. However those who have smelled jasmine before know of this flower’s unique ability to put us in an elevated mood and relax our nerves. (Read more)

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