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How to brew tea GongFu style. Video.

Gong fu cha is the traditional Chinese way to prepare tea. A large amount of tea leaf brews in small utensils for a short amount of time. The same tea leaves are often steeped up to 10 times or more, depending on the tea. When going to a traditional Chinese tea house or buying Chinese teas we will usually be offered teas prepared in this manner. However Gong Fu Cha is easy to master and once you have the right teaware, can easily be enjoyed in the comfort of our homes, at work, or even outdoors!

When brewing tea in the Gong Fu style, we allow it to show itself gradually, step by step. No cup of tea is the same. With each brew, we experience new tastes and aromas. Gong Fu Cha is a slow journey filled with discovery and tranquility.