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It's All About Tea — rinsing tea

Washing tea: drink or discard the very first brew?

Posted by Boyka Mihaylova on

"Washing tea" ( or rinsing tea) is a well-known expression for everyone who enjoys drinking loose leaf tea in a traditional way – f.ex. Gong Fu Cha style. We call "washing/ rinsing" the act of pouring out the very first brew of tea. Its purpose is to literally "wash" the tea leaves.

Washing tea has become an essential step in the tea ritual. Some people go to the extent of "washing" even the most gentle and delicate teas, like green tea. What good does it bring, though? And is it really necessary? Let's find out what stands behind the custom of washing tea. (Read More)

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How To Brew Loose Leaf Tea: Tea Rinse Or No Tea Rinse?

Posted by Angelina Kurganska on

There is one thing that almost everyone learns first when getting into the world of loose leaf teas — dump out the first brew! This is when we pour hot water over the tea leaves we are about to brew, and immediately pour it out before getting to drink it. It can also be referred to as “rinsing” your tea, “washing,” or “blanching” it. (Read more)

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