Let's Get Tea Drunk! (5 Easy Steps To Get High Off Tea)

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Even if you have yet to experience the sensation you’ve probably heard of the expression “tea drunk” or even “tea high". What does this mean? Of course, we all know that tea contains zero alcohol (unless you choose to add it). Tea drunk (茶醉 – Cha Zui) is a state we are in when we drink significant amounts of a particular type of tea. The tea type doesn’t have to be too specific, but it should be a high-quality loose leaf tea

Many of us might have experienced that state of being tea drunk before. The state of being when we feel alert, creative and blissful; at the same time peaceful and relaxed. If you have, read on to see what exactly it is in tea that causes us to feel this way. And if you have never experienced yourself being high off tea follow the steps in this article to experiencing it!

What Makes Us Feel Tea Drunk?

Tea drunk is the feeling we get from the psychoactive components of Camellia Sinensis, the plant from which all teas are made from.

This plant has several vital components that make it unique and give us the feeling of being tea drunk. 

  • caffeine. All types of tea have at least some caffeine in them, depending on the growing conditions and the processing method, some have more and some less. Caffeine is what gives us energy, creativity, and alertness. Caffeine is also what can give tea that slightly bitter, astringent taste.

  • L-theanine. L-theanine is a component that is found in all teas, and it’s also exclusive to tea. It is known to stimulate alpha brain waves. By doing so, it puts us in a state of alertness, creativity, and relaxed, meditative space. When theanine is combined with caffeine (like it is in tea) the effects of caffeine get subdued. L-theanine is a powerful relaxer and anxiety reducer. It’s also what gives some teas their pleasant savory taste.

  • catechins. These are the antioxidants in tea. Catechins are one of the main reasons you might feel high after drinking tea. They are especially abundant in Japanese teas such as Gyokuro and matcha.

    It is no coincidence that in feudal Japan the samurai would hold matcha tasting competitions where they would oftentimes drink up to 50 cups of tea, getting completely drunk on it!

tea drunk


Which Teas Get You Tea Drunk?

Technically you can get tea drunk off of almost any tea, but definitely, some teas bring you there much faster and stronger.

These are the best teas for getting tea drunk:

Steps to Getting Tea Drunk

If you want to ensure a pleasant and uplifting experience make sure to follow the following steps.

  1. Only drink high-quality tea
  2. Don’t drink tea on an empty stomach, have some light snacks, nuts, or fruits before or during the ceremony
  3. Don’t drink on a full stomach either since the tea will take a long time to get absorbed by the body and you might miss out on some of its wonderful effects
  4. With Chinese teas, always drink tea gong fu style so you can get the full experience of the tea.
    Gong fu style allows you to experience the tea in small concentrated doses over a long period of time (sometimes 10+ steeps, depending on the tea). This allows you time to get fully connected with the tea and feel its effects slowly.
  5. Be mindful. Having a few friends to enjoy the tea with you is great, but try not to have too many distractions whether sipping alone or in a company. 


japanese tea ceremony

How Does Being Tea Drunk Feel?

Being tea drunk or high on tea will feel different depending on the tea. Here are a few states that we’ve noticed throughout our tea journeys:

Feeling very light, almost flying. Creative. Emotional and introspective. Uplifted, happy, giggly and silly. Content, peaceful and blissful. Meditative and philosophic. Trippy. Relaxed. Feeling a deep connection with everything and everyone around you. If you are drinking tea with family or friends, you might feel exceptionally grateful to be in their company at the moment.

Many people feel a deep sense of relaxation. If they are anxious, the anxiety goes away. Not everyone can drink or enjoys drinking alcohol, getting tea drunk can be a good alternative to many of the more positive feelings you get when you drink.

We Would Love to Hear From You!

Have you ever gotten tea drunk before? If so, do you clearly remember which teas you were sipping at the time? Share your stories in the comments below!

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  • Purple Puerh tea made me extremely high, unintentionally. I had no clue. It was super concentrated from a steeping vessel and I had an empty stomach. About 45 minutes later after a light meal, it was kicking in and was intensifying. Like a very altered state. I was wondering why I was feeling so nauseous and dizzy. Like a floaty feeling and drunk too. It was way too intense and strong. I started shaking and my skin felt buzzy and cold. I had to eat carbs and protein again after my dinner and drank lots of water. Waited it out at a different restaurant and was almost panicking with anxiety. I felt so nauseous that I kept resisting nearly throwing up. I later felt a bit better after the carbs and extra protein. Walked to a nearby place that offered massages and luckily got a 15 minute shoulder and neck massage before they closed. I had to ride my motorbike home so i really had to wait it out, which was about 3.5 hours later. 😱 this is in Bali BTW.

    Miss K on

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