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It's All About Tea — stress

Gong Fu Cha: Tea Ritual or Brewing Technique?

Posted by Misha Gulko on

Today, we're, once again, delving into the world of Gong Fu Cha, a fascinating Chinese tea practice that combines traditions with the art of brewing. Practice that aims to unlock the full potential of tea leaves through meticulous techniques.

But here's the big question: Is Gong Fu Cha just a brewing technique? Or does it hold a deeper spiritual meaning? In this exploration, we'll dive into the two sides of the debate and unravel the layers of Gong Fu Cha. We'll uncover its connection to mindfulness, cultural heritage, and the pursuit of extracting the most delightful flavors and aromas from tea leaves.

So, grab your favorite teacup and join us as we embark on this journey through the enchanting realm of Gong Fu Cha. (Read more)

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Drinking tea for focus and releasing anxiety (Part 2)

Posted by Boyka Mihaylova on

In the previous part of this article, we traced the practice of drinking tea for focus in ancient times. We talked about the connection between tea and mindfulness in China's most important spiritual denominations.

Today, we'll explore the benefits of drinking tea with mindfulness, backed by science. We will also guide you through an exercise on how to drink tea for focus, ease anxiety, and enjoy stress-free mornings and positive and productive days! Grab a cup and dive in! (Read More)

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Drinking tea for focusing and releasing anxiety (Part 1)

Posted by Boyka Mihaylova on

For many of us, the world is going through unrest. It is easy to get overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and loss of stability. Our daily reality is constantly plagued by war, inflation, COVID, street and school violence, or social division. The mere thought of those disasters can be hard to bear. It puts our minds and souls under constant pressure.

In times like these, the simple action of drinking tea with mindfulness can be a remedy at hand. Let's explore how drinking tea for focusing evolved from ancient times to nowadays in China's most important religious movements. We will also learn ways to take advantage of those practices to quiet the bustling thoughts, achieve mindfulness, and shift to a better state of calm and gratitude. (Read more)

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Tea As A Healthy Alternative

Posted by Angelina Kurganska on

Addiction is one of the most destructive human ailments there is. It can sabotage relationships, jobs, and, most importantly, personal health and well-being. Addiction can be found in alcohol, drugs, gambling, harmful foods, or anything else that we practice excessively, which does not benefit us at large. 


Thankfully nowadays, we have plentiful research and natural remedies that we can apply to ourselves to combat our addictions. (Read more)

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Tea For Stress And Anxiety

Posted by Angelina Kurganska on

For many of us, the world is going through a turbulent time. It is easy to get overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and uncertainties. Lately, I found myself in this situation. At times it can seem as though I am no longer in control of my own life.  

While many of us are going through quarantine and social distancing, some professions continue to go to work. Whatever the situation, it is not an easy time. 

Being based in big and bustling New York, it is hard not to feel the effects of the quarantine first-hand. When I become overwhelmed, it can even be hard to remember about the remedies I have at my side.

So I decided to turn the situation around — I picked up a packet of my favorite tea. (Read more)

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