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It's All About Tea — wild tea

Laos Tea: ancient forests and wild trees

Posted by Boyka Mihaylova on

In this blog post, we continue our exploration of non-native Chinese teas produced in Asia.

Our destination is Laos - a country on the crossroad between China (more specifically, Yunnan), Vietnam, and Burma, among others. Nestled in the area known as the cradle of tea origin, Laos is a country with ancient tea heritage, pristine forests, and age-old tea trees. Let's explore its merits and discover the Laos tea that increasingly draws the interest of tea drinkers by the year. (Read More)

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About Wild Tea & Ancient Trees

Posted by Angelina Kurganska on

In the modern-day tea world, “wild tea trees” are a huge debate. There has been an increasing number of tea vendors that use the mystic appeal of wild tea trees as a marketing ploy. Thus more tea enthusiasts start to believe that these teas are not exactly authentic.  

The majority of ancient tea trees grown in China’s Yunnan province. Yes, the pu-erh region! 

Since they are not cultivated, they can stretch anywhere from 5 up to 10 meters in height, which makes the tea leaves challenging to harvest. (Read more)

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