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Handmade "Sapphire Unicorn" Jianzhan Tenmoku Tea Cup (Set)

The Jianzhan Tenmoku Tea Cup is the pinnacle of black porcelain. When drinking tea from a Jian Zhan teacup, the temperature of the brew will stay pleasantly warm for a long time. While you sip the tea, watch the colors of the glaze gently play and intermingle with the tea. Made by Chan Hoi Kong.

Pay in 4 installments of $15.00
Ivory White Porcelain Gong Fu Tea Cup

The shape of this "Ivory White" Gong Fu teacup is reminiscent of the shape of an aroma cup. Tall and thin, it allows to preserve the tea fragrance. Its simple design is perfect for taking delight in observing the original color of the tea. Porcelain does not alter the genuine taste of the tea.

"White Crane" Gong Fu Tea Cup (50ml)

This 50ml emerald Gong Fu Teacup depicts white cranes — a symbol of peace and longevity in traditional Chinese culture. The inside remains white — this allows us to admire the various colors of the tea brew.

Double Walled Glass Teacups

These 40ml clear glass teacups are great for enjoying the color of the tea, while the double walls protect your hands from the heat.

Yixing Clay Aroma Tea Cup Set (ZiSha)

Aroma cups are an essential part of enjoying the tea, especially oolong tea. As its name suggests, it is used for smelling the fragrance of the tea before drinking it. Made from renowned yixing zisha clay, these cups will perfectly complement your tea.

Yunomi Tea Cup

Yunomi is the most popular type of Japanese tea cups. They are used when enjoying tea alone or with friends, in an informal setting. When sipping tea from Yunomi teacups notice the warmth gradually spread throughout your whole body, while the tea's wonderful aroma entrances the mind. 160ml.

Handmade Katakuchi Chawan Matcha Bowl

Handmade by Rito Aoshima in the Shitoro-Yaki pottery style, this 400ml Katakuchi Chawan is perfect for making matcha the traditional way and moving it into smaller cups. When using a traditional chawan, the tea does not pour easily. Katakuchi Chawan lets you whisk your matcha and then cleanly pour it into other containers. It's excellent for sharing matcha with guests.

Pay in 4 installments of $19.75
"Sea Foam" Handmade Chawan Matcha Bowl

A deep and wide, 355ml chawan provides enough room for the chasen to effortlessly move back and forth to produce froth and dissolve the matcha powder. Its robust shape sits nicely in both hands. The sea foam-green lacquer with white accents summons images of ocean waves lightly passing over a sandy shore.

Pay in 4 installments of $19.75
Matcha Set

To indulge in proper matcha drinking, we recommend this Japanese matcha set which includes: Chashaku, a bamboo scoop used to measure matcha for serving; Chasen, bamboo whisk to properly mix matcha with water; And Chawan, the bowl in which to prepare matcha and to drink it from.

Pay in 4 installments of $24.75