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Laos Tea: ancient forests and wild trees

Posted by Boyka Mihaylova on

In this blog post, we continue our exploration of non-native Chinese teas produced in Asia.

Our destination is Laos - a country on the crossroad between China (more specifically, Yunnan), Vietnam, and Burma, among others. Nestled in the area known as the cradle of tea origin, Laos is a country with ancient tea heritage, pristine forests, and age-old tea trees. Let's explore its merits and discover the Laos tea that increasingly draws the interest of tea drinkers by the year. (Read More)

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Organic Tea — Should You Really Be Paying For The Certification?

Posted by Angelina Kurganska on

When buying loose leaf tea, many tea enthusiasts wish to go the extra mile and ensure they purchase organic tea. Of course, this means that farmers don't use pesticides or chemicals at the tea farmers. Thus, the tea leaves are clean and pure. It's a great practice to buy certified organic teas. Still, we wish to shine a light on the world of quality tea — many teas are fully organic, even if they aren't officially certified as such. In fact, this happens more than you think! (Read more)

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