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Award-Winning Sakura Wakoucha Black Tea (Japan)

Taste: sweet & sour
Aroma: sour cherry
Mouthfeel: juicy & smooth

Award-Winning Ali Shan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea (Taiwan)

Taste: smooth, sweet & floral
Aroma: gardenia & milk
Mouthfeel: creamy & smooth

Award-Winning Bug-Bitten Red Oolong Tea (Taiwan)

Taste: honey-sweet
Aroma: honey & ripe fruits
Mouthfeel: thick & silky

Award-Winning "Dragon Well" Long Jing Green Tea

Taste: chestnuts & citruses
Aroma: fresh & nutty
Mouthfeel: smooth & rounded

Award-Winning "Dragon Pearls" Long Zhu Jasmine Green Tea

Taste: fresh, sweet & floral
Aroma: fresh jasmine
Mouthfeel: refreshing & full-bodied

Award-Winning "Golden Buds" Jin Ya Dian Hong Black Tea

Taste: chocolate & sweet potato
Aroma: floral & malty
Mouthfeel: smooth & silky

Award-Winning "Golden Buds" Jin Ya Dian Hong Jasmine Black Tea

Taste: sweet & mellow
Aroma: fresh jasmine
Mouthfeel: smooth & silky

Award-Winning "Wild Mango" Jungle Green Tea (Thailand 🇹🇭)

Taste: tropical fruits
Aroma: fresh tomatoes
Mouthfeel: thick & creamy

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Award-winning "Subtle Elegance" Yamabuki Nadeshiko Hei Cha (Japan)

Taste: roasted, sweet & slightly sour
Aroma: raspberry jam
Mouthfeel: viscous & coating

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About Award-Winning Teas [+]

We are proud to present you teas that have won awards in prestigious tea competitions (such as 'The Golden Leaf Awards’, 'Great Taste’, 'Global Tea Championship’, and The New Wave Nihon Cha Competition') around the globe. Winning these contests means recognition for superb quality, refined taste, exquisite aroma, and balanced flavor.