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It's All About Tea — silver

Tea's True Taste: The Baseline and Beyond With Teaware Choices

Posted by Misha Gulko on

Ah, the vibrant world of tea, where passionate drinkers delve deep into the intricacies of their beloved brews. One could easily get lost for hours, scrolling through forum posts and group discussions, reading about the best teapots, the ideal cups, and the recommended ways to experience various teas. "You must get a silver tea set!" one person asserts, while another swears by the transformative powers of a ZiNi or ZhuNi clays. And yet another passionately vouches for the unique characteristics of DuanNi. Recommendations, as abundant as the tea leaves themselves, flow freely in the tea community. So, where does one begin? 

Our exploration will navigate through the vast landscape of tea, from the untainted flavors of loose leaf tea to the nuanced changes in taste achieved by brewing in various teaware. From porcelain's pure embrace to ZiSha's memory and the elegance of a silver tea set – there's a world waiting to be discovered (Read more)

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Tea Experience: The Benefits of Silver Teapot

Posted by Boyka Mihaylova on

Silver is an age-old symbol of wealth. It has served various purposes throughout history. Some of them include the usage as a currency, adornments, and utensils. Additionally, people used silver to create tokens, religious symbols, and even tools for poison detection! Traditional medicine valued silver not only as a precious metal but also for its potential health benefits believed to surpass even those of gold.

Royal nobles have been cherishing and using silver teapot for generations. While not widely collected even in its home country China, their exceptional craftsmanship and rich cultural heritage have garnered collectors' attention in recent years. Handmade silver pots showcase intricate techniques and boast exquisite appearances. You can check these blog posts for more information on the history and the crafting techniques of a handmade silver teapot. In this blog post, we'll cover the essential benefits of using a silver teapot. We'll talk about how silver benefits the tea brewing process and its influence on the water, the tea leaves, and the human body, making it a preferred tea brewing tool and a prized possession. (Read More)

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The Art of Silver Teapot Making

Posted by Boyka Mihaylova on

From ancient times, handmade silver tea pots have symbolized prestige and were highly valued. The tradition of using silver pots for boiling water and making tea has been passed down through generations. It gave birth to the saying: "Boiling water is most precious in a silver teapot, and brewing tea is most respectful in a silver teapot" (煮水以银壶为贵, 泡茶以银壶为尊). 

Tea culture and the pursuit of a higher quality of life have further fueled the popularity of handmade silver tea pots. They have become a fashionable choice for personal use and thoughtful gifts for health-conscious households. However, many tea lovers new to silver pots may wonder about their craftsmanship. Coming across silver pots with various appearances, such as white, bright, old black, or even engraved designs, can make people question their authenticity. How can silver pots exhibit such diverse styles when made from the same material? (Read more)

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The Art and Craft of Chinese Silver Teapot and Silver Teaware

Posted by Boyka Mihaylova on

The production of silver teapot in China carries a rich, centuries-old heritage. The craftsmanship and artistry of creating Chinese silver teapot and utensils are deeply rooted in the country's cultural tapestry. 

Silver teaware's popularity stems from its inherent advantages in tea brewing. The exquisite craftsmanship, historical significance, and unique brewing advantages make silver teaware a cherished addition to any tea lover's collection. In this blog post, we will delve into the history, production techniques, and unique advantages that silver teaware brings to the art of brewing the perfect cup of tea. (Read more)

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Tips For Cleaning Teaware

Posted by Angelina Kurganska on

Any tea advice blog you turn to will say the same thing. Never use soap to wash your teaware. This is absolutely correct. Soaps and detergents can impart unfavorable flavors on delicate teaware. Usually, a quick rinse with hot water should suffice. However, what about those times that our teaware needs a little extra cleaning? (Read more)

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