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Padded Travel Tea Bag (Travel Pouch)

Crafted from a durable blend of cotton and linen, this padded teaware carry bag is the traveling tea enthusiast's best friend. This case is perfect for those who value the tea ritual and love the outdoors. It's about making the Gong Fu Cha practice accessible, no matter where your day takes you.

Digital Tea Scale & Cha He (Tea Holder)

This Digital Tea Scale, designed for tea enthusiasts who cherish precision, delivers the right amount of tea leaves for a perfect brew. With its refined appearance and dual functionality, it also acts as a modern Cha He (茶荷 – 'Tea Holder'), setting a stage where the tea becomes the star. Placing the leaves on the white surface showcases their beauty against the scale's sophisticated backdrop and transforms every brewing session into a ceremonious affair.

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Porcelain Cha He (Tea Holder)

A Cha He is otherwise known as a 'tea box' — a vessel for tea introduction. According to the Chinese tea ceremony tradition, we first look at the tea in the cha he and then 'deep face' into it. We inhale, exhale, and inhale once more, deeply through the nose. It allows for the ceremony participants to evaluate the tea that they will be drinking.

Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei)

Cha Hai serves to control the strength of the brew. Using Cha Hai ensures that the tea leaves do not continue to steep as they are sitting in a teapot. It is also called a ‘bowl of impartiality’, for it lets each participant enjoy the same brew.

Elegant Glass Gong Dao Bei (Cha Hai)

Gong Dao Bei, also known as Cha Hai, is an essential tool for a Gong Fu Cha tea brewing session. Made of glass, its delicate lines are pleasing to the eye and soft to the touch. Ideal to pair with virtually any tea type to reveal and appreciate its color tones fully. The spout design is elongated, ensuring no dripping happens for a clean, mess-free tea experience.

"White Crane" Cha Hai (Gong Dao Bei)

This beautifully glazed Cha Hai depicts white cranes — a symbol of peace and longevity in Chinese culture. Throughout imperial times in China, cranes were depicted on the robes of officials to represent their rank. We use this vessel to control the strength of the brew during gong fu tea ceremonies.

Black Pottery Tea Strainer

Made of high-quality clay and metal net, this filter effectively stops tea leaves and even the smallest particles and helps to get a cup of clear, bright, and tasty tea.

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"White Crane" Tea Strainer

This beautifully glazed tea strainer makes a perfect addition to the "White Crane" Gong Fu Tea Set and to any gong fu tea ceremony. Thanks to the fine silk net, the tea strainer helps capture the tiniest tea leaf particles. Finally, we are presented with the clearest tea brew.

Bodhi Leaf Tea Strainer for Travel (Stainless Steel)

This tea strainer, made of stainless steel, is a copy of a Bodhi Tree leaf – the sacred tree under which Buddha reached Enlightenment. Its compactness and durability make it perfect for taking it on trips, hikes, and any outdoor activities.

Matcha Sifter (Tsubame Chakoshi)

Tsubame Chakoshi (tea sifter) strikes a balance between straightforward elegance and functionality, lending a refined air to the simple actions of sifting matcha and filtering loose leaves. No two pieces are exactly alike due to the dappled, tsuchime (槌目) surface - a result of skilled artisans' hand-hammering.

Cha Dao Tea Utensils Set (Bamboo)

This Cha Dao tea utensils set is crafted from bamboo. The focus is on preserving the natural shape and texture of the bamboo, bridging the tea ritual to its roots in nature. This eco-friendly material offers both durability and a sense of connection to the environment, embodying the essence of tea aesthetics.

"White Crane" Cha Dao Tea Utensils Set

Cha Dao translates to "teaism" or "the way of tea". We use this term to describe a set of tea tools that are essential to any Chinese Tea Ceremony — Gong Fu Cha. This beautiful emerald Gong Fu Tool Set depicts white cranes, symbolizing peace and longevity in Chinese culture.

Chasen Matcha Whisk

The chasen, matcha whisk, is an integral part of Cha No Yu. It is used in a zig-zag motion to dissolve powdered matcha in a bowl with water.

Chasen Kusenaoshi Matcha Whisk Holder

A Kusenaoshi is used for drying and for storing Chasen, matcha whisk. It helps to maintain the proper shape of Chasen and protects the fine tines from breakage.

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Handmade Chashaku

A chashaku is a bamboo scoop that is traditionally used to measure matcha for serving (One full scoop of matcha is equivalent to 1 gram). This chashaku is handmade in Japan and derives from a darker bamboo, adding elegance to your matcha set.

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Pu-erh Tea Needle & Brush

This tea needle is stored securely inside the tea brush. The tea brush is another useful tea ceremony tool. It's used to help clean tea leaf scraps, move excess water down the drain of the tea table, and season Yixing teaware and tea pets.

Pu-erh Tea-Pick

A tea-pick is an essential tool for breaking up all forms of pu-erh. Using a specially designated tea-knife prevents you from damaging the cake and leaves fewer leaf scraps. The ribbed grip and protective sleeve make this tea-pick convenient, safe, and perfect to take to-go!

"Sleeping Firefox" Yixing Tea Pet (ZiSha: Da Hong Pao ZhuNi)

Behold the mystic creature, Firefox. With fur of fiery red, it moves with grace and agility, leaving wonder in its wake. Legends say it possesses magic. Elusive and enigmatic, Firefox remains an enigma revered by those who believe in nature's power and the mysteries it conceals.

Bodhidharma Tea Pet, ZiSha (Yixing Clay)

This Yixing clay tea pet right here is none other than a meditating Bodhidharma – a 5th-6th century Indian monk who brought Chan Buddhism to China and inspired the creation of Shaolin Kung Fu.

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Happy Pig Tea Pet, ZiSha (Yixing Clay)

In Chinese culture the cute and chubby face of a pig is a symbol of abundance and good fortune. Drinking tea next to the Happy Pig Tea Pet we hope that the your new pig companion rubs off on you and greets you with an abundance of delicious tea and a feeling of peace.

Wooden Coasters

These wooden coasters are the perfect companions, holding your tea cups and teapot and protecting your table while adding a touch of rustic elegance to your setting and connection with nature. A refreshing reminder of the beauty of nature.

Luffa Fiber Tea Coaster

Luffa coaster is an elegant solution to tidying your tea space. Place it under a teapot or favorite teacup to soak up any spills – loofah's natural fibers absorb the excessive moisture without becoming sodden too quickly.

Tea Towel (Cha Bu)

A tea cloth or tea towel, known as "Cha Bu" (茶布), is a versatile Gong Fu Cha accessory. Put underneath your teapot or near the tea table's edge, its role is to catch and absorb accidental drips or spills, maintaining a clean and orderly tea ritual space during tea sessions.

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