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It's All About Tea — chenpi

All About Tea Stuffed Tangerines (Chen Pi)

Posted by Path Of Cha on

Most commonly, chen pi (citrus peel) is associated with pu-erh or aged white teas. It is no wonder why particularly post-fermented, and aged teas go best with the dried citrus peel. Aside from tea, its use is widespread in Chinese medicine. Many people choose to drink chen pi tea precisely because of the benefits it brings, according to Chinese medicine. (Read more)

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The History of White Tea, Dating Back to the Tang Dynasty

Posted by Path of Cha on

White teas were rarely available outside of the tea growing regions in Fujian. As loose leaf tea production methods improved, the process for creating white teas expanded beyond the Fujian province.  People who have had the opportunity to try this rare and exquisite tea were eager to have it available outside of the original production region. (Read more)

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