Tea Trays (Cha Pan)

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"Tree of Life" GongFu Tea Tray (Cha Pan)

This state-of-the-art GongFu Tea Tray is hand carved from pine wood and is the true embodiment of the Chinese Tea Ceremony. Watch water and tea elegantly trickle down the branches and into the trunk, feeding it water for the tree to grow bigger.

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Round GongFu Tea Tray (Tea Boat / Cha Pan)

The symbol carved in the middle of this Tea Boat is the "Lu Star", which represents prosperity. The natural wood of this Chinese tea tray adds a peaceful air to any tea setting. The compact shape is perfect for a solo tea ritual but can also be used for a larger tea ceremony.

"Lan Ting Ji Xu" Calligraphy Plate / Tea Tray

This Tea Plate/Gongfu Tea Tray is a nod to Chinese calligraphy, 'Lanting Xu' – "Orchid Pavilion Preface". It's not just a mere vessel for holding a teapot or cups; it's a reminder of the contemplative nature of tea, the fleeting beauty of gatherings, and the nature of existence. This plate is a conversation starter, a piece of history brought into the modern tea ceremony.

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