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It's All About Tea — western tea

The tea experience of Portugal, the Netherlands, and Morocco

Posted by Boyka Mihaylova on

Last time we traveled to the cradles of tea culture – China and Japan. We learned about the local tea experience and how it changed with time.

Today, our path takes us to more near and distant places to explore their relationship with tea. We’ll witness the vital role tea plays in the social culture and customs of the local people in Portugal, the Netherlands and Morocco. (Read more)

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The Top 5 Tea Brewing Methods: How To Brew Different Types of Tea

Posted by Angelina Kurganska on

There are many ways of making a delicious cup of quality loose leaf tea. Luckily for us, the methods required to brew the perfect cup have been meticulously studied over the past centuries. Listed are the 5 main methods of brewing loose leaf teas. (Read more)

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Brewing loose leaf tea is easy!

Posted by Angelina Kurganska on

Are you thinking of getting into the world of tea but don't know where to start!?

Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here!

Let’s say you have a tea you want to try. The next step: brewing!

Brewing is much easier than you think. If you’re new to tea, the important thing is not to overthink it.

We've made some short, straight-to-the-point videos on how to brew teas both Western style and Chinese style. (Read more)

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Gong Fu Brewing vs One Time Brewing

Posted by Angelina Kurganska on

By brewing tea in a large vessel, we allow for the tea to open up all at once, giving us all it has in one go. You may not recognize all the subtleties from opening up the tea’s taste gradually, but you will get a cup of delicious tea with a nice aroma nonetheless. 

On the other hand, if you choose to make Gong Fu tea for yourself or for friends it becomes more of an experience. Gong Fu differs from the Western way of brewing tea in that it allows tea to open to its full potential gradually. (Read more)

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