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It's All About Tea — traditional chinese medicine

Custom tea blends with the six tea types – Part 2

Posted by Boyka Mihaylova on

In the previous blog post, we started a thread on some of the most popular custom tea blends featuring loose-leaf tea. We explored a deeply rooted tradition of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) of mixing loose-leaf tea with various medicinal herbs, fruits, and flowers, among others, to create tea elixirs that are both therapeutic and aromatic. They focus on harmonizing the wellness aspects with the enjoyable sensory experiences of the tea.

We have explored some of Green and White Tea's custom tea blends. In this blog post, we continue with some of the most aromatic and complex tea types, namely Oolong tea, Red tea or Hong Cha (known as Black tea in the Western world), and Hei Cha, with Pu-erh tea as one of its most notable representatives. We'll learn about the different tea blends created with those tea types. We'll also explore the healthy advantages they bring along and how their ancient wisdom might benefit our modern lives. (Read More)

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Flavors Fusion: Chinese Loose Leaf Tea Blends

Posted by Boyka Mihaylova on

In China, the homeland of tea, tea lovers and connoisseurs usually consume tea in its pure state. That way, they can appreciate the depth of flavor and aroma unique to each tea type and variety. Yet, there's a parallel tradition that intertwines the age-old wisdom of medicine with tea by creating tea blends that are both therapeutic and aromatic. Mixing loose leaf tea with herbs, flowers, or fruits isn't random. It's mostly about enhancing tea's natural benefits. It also adds a twist of flavor and aroma that makes each sip a little more special. TCM doctors, tea experts, and tea lovers thoughtfully crafted these tea blends, balancing the health benefits and the sensory pleasures of the brew.

As we dive into the most popular blends for each tea type, we're not just exploring flavors. We step into a world where tea enhances our daily lives, addresses specific problems, or brings certain benefits, offering both health and pleasure in every cup. Ready to mix things up? (Read More)

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The Enigmatic Cha Qi: Tea Experience and Its Transformative Powers

Posted by Misha Gulko on

In the world of tea, there is a fascinating concept known as "Cha Qi" (茶气) – a notion that adds an intriguing dimension to the tea experience. 

To grasp the essence of Cha Qi, let's look at the hieroglyph 气, pronounced "Qi." Its form signifies an energy that is fluid, ever-present, ever-changing, and elusive – an embodiment of the unseen forces that govern life itself. Within the realm of tea (茶 – Cha), Cha Qi plays a significant role, extending beyond the act of tea drinking to influence the entire tea experience.

In this exploration, we'll delve into Cha Qi as the tea's ability to affect a person's physical and mental state. Beyond being a simple beverage, tea becomes a gateway to altered states of mind and heightened sensations. From teas that help you focus to those that induce a sense of calm, the tea experience becomes a personal voyage where the ordinary transcends into something extraordinary. Throughout this exploration, we'll try to understand and define the enigmatic nature of Cha Qi. (Read more)

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The 3 Most Suitable Teas to Drink in Wintertime (part I)

Posted by Boyka Mihaylova on

Tea has earned a highly respected status among other TCM remedies as “a cure for 10 000 illnesses”. 

While preferences towards one or another tea are strictly based on personal taste, each of the six main tea types has unique properties that can be experienced at their best in a particular set of circumstances.

As most of us living in the Northern hemisphere are amid wintertime, let’s dive deeper into the Chinese teas that hold the most benefits for the human body during wintertime. (Read more)

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Tea for the soul – Traditional Chinese Medicine

Posted by Angelina Kurganska on

Balancing our internal energies is crucial for a relaxed and healthy body. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been around for thousands of years. According to this ancient knowledge, all teas are either cooling or heating. Understanding the properties of tea may help us make more conscious choices when choosing a tea for the soul for our gongfu session. (Read more)

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