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Handmade Tetsubin – Japanese Cast-Iron Teapot

Tetsubin, a traditional Japanese cast iron kettle, is a staple of Japanese tea-making. Cast iron is known to enhance water's flavor, giving tea a sweeter, fuller taste and highlighting its subtle notes. This handmade Tetsubin is adorned with a traditional Arare pattern ("Hailstone"). Its 1.2 liters volume makes it sufficient for a prolonged, uninterrupted tea session.

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“Terra” Glazed Clay Gong Fu Tea Cup

Crafted from clay that can be seen through the glaze, this 40ml cup has an earthy feel that resonates with the natural origins of tea. It fits comfortably in your hand and adapts seamlessly to your tea of choice. The wide opening brings the brew to a comfortable drinking temperature without a lengthy wait. The glaze is bright, providing a clean background that allows the true colors of your tea to shine through

Frosted Glass Clay Gong Fu Tea Cup

The design of this 50ml teacup is simple and tasteful. Its frosted base transitions seamlessly to a clear upper half. Glass allows you to admire the vibrant color of the tea, watch the steam softly rise and dance on its walls, and observe how the light passes through the liquid, enhancing the rich hues of your tea. It's a visual pleasure that complements the savoring of your tea.

Digital Tea Scale & Cha He (Tea Holder)

This Digital Tea Scale, designed for tea enthusiasts who cherish precision, delivers the right amount of tea leaves for a perfect brew. With its refined appearance and dual functionality, it also acts as a modern Cha He (茶荷 – 'Tea Holder'), setting a stage where the tea becomes the star. Placing the leaves on the white surface showcases their beauty against the scale's sophisticated backdrop and transforms every brewing session into a ceremonious affair.

Pay in 4 installments of $14.00
"Lan Ting Ji Xu" Calligraphy Plate / Tea Tray

This Tea Plate/Gongfu Tea Tray is a nod to Chinese calligraphy, 'Lanting Xu' – "Orchid Pavilion Preface". It's not just a mere vessel for holding a teapot or cups; it's a reminder of the contemplative nature of tea, the fleeting beauty of gatherings, and the nature of existence. This plate is a conversation starter, a piece of history brought into the modern tea ceremony.

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Luffa Fiber Tea Coaster

Luffa coaster is an elegant solution to tidying your tea space. Place it under a teapot or favorite teacup to soak up any spills – loofah's natural fibers absorb the excessive moisture without becoming sodden too quickly.

Padded Travel Tea Bag (Travel Pouch)

Crafted from a durable blend of cotton and linen, this padded teaware carry bag is the traveling tea enthusiast's best friend. This case is perfect for those who value the tea ritual and love the outdoors. It's about making the Gong Fu Cha practice accessible, no matter where your day takes you.