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Yellow Teas

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Huo Shan Huang Ya Yellow Tea

Flavor: chestnut with soy milk finish
Aroma: nutty, slightly floral
Mouthfeel: brisk & silky

5 Types of Tea + Yellow Tea Sample Pack

There are 5 main types of tea: White, Green, Blue-green (Oolong), Black (Red), Pu-erh, and a lesser-known Yellow Tea. Try one of each to determine which type of tea suits your taste best.

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About Yellow Teas [+]

Yellow tea (huángchá) is a rare variety of loose leaf tea, with the least production and very few regions producing it. Huang Cha became rare since the production process of this type of tea is complex and labor-intensive. 

Yellow Tea is a step up from green tea, made through the process of micro-oxidation. The technique involves the wok fry process – very much similar to green tea production, but for a shorter duration at a reduced temperature. Being only partially dried, the tea leaf traps the moisture inside, which allows it to oxidize the tea to various degrees – “yellowing” the leaves and reducing the astringency and grassy taste.

Being by far the rarest in China’s six tea categories, Huángchá, however, is an essential part of China’s long-lived tea tradition. Due to its rich history (taking roots since the early Qing Dynasty) and admiration, it's one of the best documented and studied loose leaf teas. Despite its rarity and low availability, yellow tea is frequently featured among China’s ‘Ten Famous Teas’ list and regarded as a tribute tea.