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About us

Hi. My name is Misha and I am the founder of this small company based in Brooklyn, New York. Our company is best described as a team of friends who share the passion for artisan tea – its exquisite taste, its rich palette of fragrances and the healthy lifestyle that comes with it.



Why are we here? We are here because we want to do something good for a living while making a positive change in the community. And we chose tea because we believe that tea has many benefits for well-being.


What are the benefits of tea? Tea is a nutritious and tasty beverage that contains antioxidants, L-theanine, and essential minerals like potassium. Drinking tea daily contributes to proper hydration, improves focus and concentration and helps to maintain a positive mood throughout the day. It helps to reduce stress and to find inner peace. Tea teaches to be in the present moment and to enjoy it. Tea can give the comfort of solitude and bring the company of friends and family closer together.


Why buy from us? Because the tea selection you’ll find in our store has been carefully decided among hundreds of teas and were chosen specifically to enhance your experience with tea. From the very first harvest to some of the most exquisite tea, the selection you’ll find on will take you to places like high mountain peaks of China and beautiful valleys of Japan where you will experience peace and serenity. 

To ensure the high standards, we source only from those producers who have a proven reputation for growing top quality teas using organic and traditional methods.

Guaranteed great value or your money back.

Our commitment to the highest of quality comes from our desire to serve the community with the best teas. We are working on building trust and personal connection with the farmers and with our customers. We believe that mutual respect and fair trade are the most essential elements of work ethics. As a result, you are able to experience the highest quality, organically grown, fairly priced teas.


What do we do to make your shopping experience better? Knowing that the community of tea is a community that welcomes new people every day and realizing how hard it can be to choose from dozens of different options, without having an idea of what each tea tastes we’ve added short descriptions for each tea, containing all the helpful information, such as tasting notes, aroma, and detailed brewing instructions.

With us, you can rest assured that there are no hidden charges, additional taxes and enormous shipping fees. We offer free domestic and international shipping with low minimum purchase requirements. 


What is our goal? In “Path of Cha” we believe in building a community. We believe in sharing our knowledge to help to open tea’s full potential, and we are eager to learn from you and from your experience. Your feedback, comments, messages and questions are of the utmost importance to us. Your opinion as someone who is experienced or a novice in the world of tea is highly valued and listened to. You can always count on our customer service with full attention to your desires, with the goal to make your tea journey exciting and stress-free.


After all, tea is much more than just a drink. Tea is like a river you can't enter twice. The waters flowing in the stream are ever changing. So is tea. It can be explored endlessly, for it changes with every infusion. Take a sip, feel the fragrance, hold on to it. This moment will never repeat. Appreciate its uniqueness. Savor it. Tea is quality time. Enjoy it on your own or share it with friends.

Misha Gulko
Path of Cha