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About "Path Of Cha"

Hey there! I'm Misha, the founder of this little company tucked away in South Brooklyn, New York. We're a small team of friends crazy about all things craft, single-origin tea – the rich palette of flavors, the delightful aromas, and the healthy lifestyle it brings along.

Path of Cha TEAm

Our mission is simple: we want to help people hit the pause button and savor the moment. 

You know, that moment when you sip a cup of tea and suddenly the world slows down. As poet Paul Reps said, "Drinking a cup of tea, I stopped the war." Tea has this magical ability to make us take a breather, forget the never-ending rush, and just enjoy the here and now. It's like a warm hug from a teapot. A teapot can give the comfort of solitude and the pleasures of company.

So go on, take a sip, inhale that lovely fragrance, and hold onto it. This moment right here is one-of-a-kind. Let the beauty of the moment sink in. Relish it.
To ensure we bring you the best, we source our teas from producers with a solid reputation for growing top-notch teas using organic, traditional methods. And hey, we care about the environment! So, to minimize our impact on the environment, wherever possible, we use recycled and biodegradable materials. Our shipments are carbon neutral – each time we ship, a seed is planted, doing its part for Mother Nature.

We're all about building connections – with the farmers who grow our teas and with you, our tea-friends. We believe in mutual respect and fair trade, which means you get to enjoy the highest quality, organically grown, fairly priced teas, and the people who produce these teas are making a decent living. It's a win-win!

At "Path of Cha" we believe in building a community. We love sharing our tea knowledge and helping others to unlock tea's full potential. Check out our "Tea 101" section to learn the essentials of tea brewing, and don't forget to follow our blog and our YouTube channel for even more tea knowledge and fascinating tidbits about tea culture.

And if you happen to fall head over heels for our teas (which we're sure you will:), be a tea ambassador! Find time to share a cuppa tea with those you care about, introduce them to the world of craft teas. After all, "A cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds".

So, my friend, join us on this tea-filled adventure and let's enjoy memorable moments, one sip at a time!

In Tea We Trust:)

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