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About us

Hi. My name is Misha and I am the founder of this small company based in Brooklyn, New York. Our company is best described as a team of friends who share the passion for artisan tea – its exquisite taste, its rich palate of fragrances and the healthy lifestyle that comes with it.
We know how hard it can be to choose from dozens of different teas, without having an idea what each tea tastes. That’s why we keep our collection of teas short and carefully curated, by hand-selecting only the best artisan teas for each category. And to make it easier to choose the right tea for yourself, we’ve added a short description for each tea, containing all the helpful information: tasting notes, aroma and detailed brewing directions.
At least once a year we travel to China and together with our local partners we visit China’s tea regions and its plantations, looking for truly exceptional yet fairly priced teas. To guarantee the freshness and the quality of tea we, where possible, buy directly from tea producers who have a proven reputation for growing top quality teas using organic and traditional methods. When we visit the farmers we are not only looking for best teas but also trying to build trust and personal connection with our suppliers. We believe that mutual respect and fair trade are the most important elements of work ethics.
When visiting tea plantations we gather the latest information about the tea’s harvest and its quality. Then we check various tea samples for aroma, infusion times, flavor and appearance of tea leaves. After vigorous and thorough tests, only the best of teas end up being chosen.
As a result of all these steps, we are able to deliver to you the highest quality, organically grown, fairly priced teas.
In “Path of Cha” we believe in building a community. We believe in sharing our knowledge about teas to enable people to open tea’s full potential.
After all, tea is not just a drink. The path of tea is the path of living healthy. Brewing tea teaches balance. It teaches to pay attention to details, to notice and to appreciate small nuances. The flow, the color, the aroma, the taste – indeed, our love for tea is our longing for beauty. 

Misha Gulko
Path of Cha