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It's All About Tea — face mask

The Benefits Of Matcha – Face Mask Recipe

Posted by Path of Cha on

On the shelves of beauty stores nowadays, we find different kinds of skin products with matcha powder as one of the star ingredients. And as we’ve noticed, these products aren’t always the cheapest. Making a home-made matcha green tea face mask is both an economical and sustainable way to keep your skin feeling healthy and refreshed. (Read more)

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Japanese Face Mask. Discover Sencha Tea Benefits!

Posted by Path Of Cha on

Do you ever find yourself with extra sencha tea leaves after you’re done brewing and enjoying the lovely emerald green liquid?

Our guess is yes, unless you eat them… which is quite delicious by the way! But we will go into that another time.

Today we will share a recipe that hopefully many of you will be fond of and we will share how to use green tea for the face. (Read more)

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