Brewing loose leaf tea is easy!

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Are you thinking of getting into the world of tea but don't know where to start!?

Are all the choices of teas and teaware intimidating?

Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here!

At Path Of Cha we keep our artisan tea collection short and sweet.

There are already a good amount of online tea shops out there that offer a vast variety of teas. In fact, pages and pages of teas.

We make the process of choosing tea easier for you by personally selecting and tasting all the teas beforehand to ensure quality.

So let’s say now you have a tea you want to try. The next step: brewing!

Brewing is much easier than you think. If you’re new to tea, the important thing is not to overthink it.


We've made some short, straight-to-the-point videos on how to brew teas both Western style and Chinese style (Gong Fu Cha). 

Western Style Brewing

Steps to Easy Tea Brewing:

  • Heat your water to the right temperature. Choosing the right temperature is essential to get the best qualities out of your tea


 White teas – 185ºF / 85ºC
 Green teas – 175ºF / 80ºC
 Oolong teas – 205ºF / 95ºC (often can endure and require an even higher temperature)
 Black (Red) teas – 195 / 90ºC
 Pu-erh teas – 212ºF / 100ºC

  • Measure the amount of tea you will need and set a timer for the recommended brewing time (you can find all this information in the descriptions of our teas or on the packaging label itself)
  • When the timer is done take out the tea to prevent over-brewing
  • Pour and enjoy! Yes, it’s that easy to enjoy quality tea


Gong Fu Cha Brewing

Now, if you’re thinking of enjoying tea the Chinese way called “Gong Fu Cha” the steps are different but it’s still not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.



Step By Step Gong Fu Cha Brewing:

  • Heat the water to your desired temperature
  • Use a thermos to keep the water temperature consistent throughout the ceremony
  • Prepare a chaban (tea table) or a bowl to decant water
  • Prepare the rest of the teaware
  • Measure the needed amount of tea
  • Warm up the gaiwan by pouring hot water into it
  • Continue by decanting the water into the chahai and cups. Decant
  • Warm up the tea for about 30 sec in the gaiwan
  • Rinse the tea (making sure to decant every drop of water)
  • Brew the tea following label instructions for gong fu brewing
  • Decant the tea and enjoy! Keep brewing until the tea starts loosing its taste (anywhere from 5-15 infusions depending on the tea!)


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