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It's All About Tea — Qing Ming

All about tea: What makes early spring tea so valuable?

Posted by Boyka Mihaylova on

Spring must be the favorite season for tea fans! It's the long-awaited moment when new tea hits the market! After the cold and tedious winter months, everyone can't wait to sip fresh spring tea and is ready (and willing) to pay the price for it! So what makes the early spring tea so desirable? Let's explore the geographical, historical, and economic factors behind it! 

After a long period of dormancy and stagnation, the plant finally wakes up under the spring chime. The nutrients are rushed to the newly sprouting buds and tender leaves to stimulate the plant's growth. The abundant rainfall and rising temperature make the spring tea fresh, tender, and flavorful. So much so that early spring tea can be ten times more expensive than the one picked later in the year. So, where does this difference come from? (Read more)

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