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Why loose leaf tea

There is an old legend about a monk sitting in solitude on a top of a Wuyi Mountain, mediating all days long, trying to reach the state of perfect inner balance.

One time, in his search for wisdom, Confucius decided to visit the noble monk whose fame rose even higher than the cloudy mountaintop on which he was sitting.



As the guest arrived the monk began to make tea. He went a great length to prepare the tea by all the rules of the Chinese tea ritual Gong Fu. And like any carefully thought out process does, the tea brewing took some time.

"Why are you spending so much time just to make tea? It is much easier to drop a tea bag into a cup and be done with it," said Confucius to the monk.

"Life is too short, and one should not waste time on things which are of no substance and no taste," replied the wise one.


We can all agree that in this world there are not enough things which are both tasty and healthy for you. And we can all agree that it is much easier to make a cup of tea with the help of tea bags. We all live in a world where time is money and where there is never enough of either of the two. However, everyone needs a moment to pause. A moment of tranquility. A moment of quality time and enjoyment. Because life is short. And we don't have time to waste it on things of poor substance and taste.


Tea is like wine.


Like with wine, there are many variations of tea. Variations in taste as well as price. Like the grapes with which wine is made, tea leaves have their own harvest time, optimal weather conditions, and other factors that result in the many sensations and experiences that rich tea can bring forth. Furthermore, similarly to wine, some teas are meant to be drunk within months while others are sometimes kept for decades to develop.


So, of course, one can disregard all the benefits and potential of cultured, hand-produced, organic tea and continue drinking tea from tea bags to save time and money. Or one can indulge in something much more healthy and beneficial, joining a growing club of those who take quality seriously.


Many people have the misconception that in order to enjoy quality tea, one must spend a hefty amount of money and have extensive prior knowledge and understanding of tea. We want to break this belief. Of course, better quality often begets a higher price, but this doesn't mean that one must compromise quality for affordability. Nor do you have to be a sommelier to enjoy tea.


If the taste is present – you will feel it. As time passes, you will begin to recognize the many notes in the bouquet, feel the nuances, and taste the slightest subtleties. You will become keener, and your expertise will increase naturally. But until then, you don't need to be an expert to savor the rich taste and pleasant aroma.

Path of Cha would like to introduce everyone - newcomers and old members alike to the tea community. You don’t have to be a tea master to appreciate good things and quality time. To treat your friends and yourself to something of substance. Something that is pleasant to consume, yet healthy.

We believe that all it takes is a taste of smoky pu-erh, or a floral oolong, a crisp umami-rich green tea, or a frothy matchaAnd the rest… the rest will come naturally. Sip by sip, let the tea transport you. Let it unfold in front of you, showing you its story. Experience both the inspiration and unmistakable tranquility that the tea gifts you.


Today, more and more people in the West are starting to understand and appreciate fine tea. The community is growing larger. A community of people with good taste. A community of those who wish to have flavor in their lives. A community for a healthier lifestyle.