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Amazing Tea Substitutes for Coffee

Posted by Angelina Kurganska on

We are not saying that you shouldn't drink coffee or that all coffee is bad for you. However, we understand  that there are many people trying to limit their caffeine intake and make the switch, but don't know where to start or can't enjoy the flavor of tea. 



In our experience, many people who have told us that they simply do not enjoy the flavor of tea, unfortunately have had bad experience or only see tea as what they know it to be - low quality, almost flavorless bag tea. 


Of course, not everyone enjoys the flavor of high-quality loose leaf tea. Similarly to an expensive wine or liquor, some people just don't like the taste. But we have seen many people transform after trying a quality loose leaf, especially in a proper gong fu setting, and from seeing this transformation it is our big passion to introduce more of the world to this wonderful herb. 


So we have been getting this question a lot - which tea is the best substitute for coffee? 


We have compiled a list of the teas that we carry specifically for this purpose, to introduce people to other options. We will not be getting into the health benefits of tea in this post, but more so focusing on the caffeine level of the following teas. 




Oh, matcha! Based on both personal experience and numerous testimonies from former avid coffee lovers, matcha is no doubt a great coffee replacer. Because matcha is made from whole crushed tea leaves it has a slightly higher caffeine content, equalling to around half of the caffeine content in a black cup of coffee. (A serving of matcha is about 1-2 gr or 1 tsp).

A great thing about matcha is that you don't have to drink it straight if you don't want to and still get the benefits. Make a matcha latte with milk, add it to your shakes and smoothies, or sprinkle it into your yogurt. 



Black Tea


Caffeine content varies depending on brew time, infusion method, and serving size.


Our black teas with a higher caffeine content (yet below 40% of a cup of coffee) : 






  • Lan Gui Ren (Ginseng) Oolong Ginseng on its own is a very powerful energizer that's been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. In combination with oolong, this is a truly powerful tea. 
  • Organic Tie Guan Yin A stronger brew of this higher fermentation tea can almost be compared to a good cup of coffee, yet the pleasant floral and sweet notes are ever present. 







There are many varieties of pu-erh. And some are more potent than other. These potent varieties can really enrich one with a lot of much-needed energy, a certain creative energy. This is due to the long fermentation process it undergoes. Truly like a well-aged wine! 


In particular, we recommend our Fenqing Pu-erh:




And although we always recommend brewing quality loose leaf tea GongFu style, if you are looking for some strong tea on the go, you can just follow our cup brewing directions (in the description of every tea). Or try a cold brew for the hotter summer days! 

For a cold brew, follow the cup brewing measurements and fill a pitcher with the loose leaf tea and cold water, then leave in the fridge for 6-12 hours. And of course, you can always experiment for desired strength.