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It's All About Tea — meditation

Practicing Mindfulness in Simple Tea Meditation

Posted by Path Of Cha on

Tea meditation is simple and requires no prior knowledge of meditation practices. All you need is your desire to be in the present moment.

The meditation can be practiced for as little or as long as you want, any time of the day. It is really all up to you!

There is a tendency amongst people to get up in the morning feeling rushed to get somewhere. Why not try getting up a little earlier and dedicating the time for this simple tea meditation? (Read more)

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Cha Qi

Posted by Path of Cha on

Cha Qi is… well, there’s not really a definition for what it is. But one thing's for sure — if you’ve experienced it, you’ll know it. And you won’t forget it. (Read more)

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Tea for Meditation

Posted by Path of Cha on

"Ichi-go, Ichi-e". This Zen phrase meaning 'once in a lifetime' or literally "one time, one meeting"epitomizes the simplest reminder for the necessary state of mind when conducting any tea ceremony. It stamps out the meditative quality inseparable from the roots of true tea ceremony: Remaining present in the beauty of the infinite moment, with all its transparency and impermanence. This essence holds true today just as much as it did when these words were first spoken. (Read more)

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