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The Many Health Benefits of Mint

Posted by Angelina Kurganska on

Here's a little-known fact: There are more than 500 species of mint known to man, almost all having a cool and refreshing scent.
In China, mint is called Bo He and grows in 12 variety of species usually with pink, purple, or white colored flowers. In the west, the peppermint and spearmint varieties are most common.
One can find the mention of mint as far back as Greek mythology and ancient Chinese folk. It's even been found in the Egyptian pyramids. 
For ages mint has been used for flavoring, spicing, additives for wine, the edible stems and leaves for eating, and last but not least, as medicine. But what's really happening in the mind and body when met with Bo He?
To this day Bo He is still used in the Chinese medicine system for treating dizziness, migraines, fever, and more. It's associated with the meridians of lung and liver.
Mint may be the most versatile herb on the planet. It's safe and can be used topically in oil form, or orally in several forms. Menthone and menthol are 2 of it's most powerful active ingredients, and the latter especially is no stranger to anyone who's taken Tiger Balm or a throat lozenge.
The effects are cooling, yet at the same time, generate heat. The anti-microbial properties of mint make a great remedy for nausea and muscle spasms. Its anti-inflammatory properties are useful for fevers and the flu. Mint relieves headaches and clears the sinuses. It's used for skin rashes and in anti-itch solutions. It freshens the breath and removes teething pain in infants. It actually removes pain from the entire body!
As for the mind, it has long since been used to increase focus and concentration. Studies even show that the smell of peppermint alone can increase cognitive functions such as reasoning, problem-solving and even memory!
Keep this in mind when enjoying a cup of herbal mint tea. Be aware of the effects taking place in the mind and body. Be aware of your connection with the ancient power of Bo He.