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Porcelain Cha He (Tea Holder)


Cha He, also known as the "tea box," is a teaware vessel that plays a vital role in the tea ritual. Rooted in the Chinese tea ceremony tradition, it serves as a means to acquaint ourselves with tea before brewing. With Cha He, we engage in a visual and olfactory exploration of tea, allowing us to understand and appreciate its characteristics.

As we gaze upon the tea nestled within Cha He, we take in its appearance, noting its color, shape, and texture. This visual examination provides valuable insights into the tea's quality and craftsmanship. Inhaling deeply, we draw in the tea's fragrance, allowing its delicate and nuanced aromas to envelop our senses. Through this sensory experience, we establish a connection with the tea, building anticipation for the brewing and tasting that will follow.

Once we have familiarized ourselves with the tea's visual allure and captivating fragrance, the next step is to transfer it from the Cha He to a brewing vessel. Through the narrow "mouth, " we delicately move the tea from the Cha He to the teapot or gaiwan, ensuring a seamless transition without losing or disseminating the precious tea leaves.

The choice of Cha He is crucial, as it should complement and enhance the tea itself. Placing tea on a white porcelain surface of the Cha He creates a captivating backdrop, drawing attention to the tea and making it the focal point of the tea ceremony. The neutral nature of the porcelain material ensures that it does not interfere with the fragrance of the tea, allowing its true essence to shine through. Such a well-chosen piece creates an ambiance that fosters the right mood and atmosphere, elevating the tea ceremony to a heightened level of enjoyment and appreciation.

By utilizing a Cha He in the tea ritual, we honor the tradition and significance of the tea ceremony. It allows us to engage deeply with the tea, forging a connection that extends beyond the act of brewing and drinking. Cha He serves as a conduit between us and tea, heightening our awareness and enriching the tea experience.


Size: 4 x 1.4 in / 10 x 3.5 cm


NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

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