"White Crane" Tea Strainer


This beautifully glazed tea strainer is a valuable addition to the "White Crane" Gong Fu Tea Set, enhancing the experience of any Gong Fu Tea Ceremony. Beautifully crafted, its purpose is to provide a reliable and efficient means of straining tea, ensuring a clean and pure brew for your enjoyment.

The fine silk net of the tea strainer acts as a delicate filter, capturing even the tiniest particles of tea leaves, resulting in a remarkably clear brew, free from unwanted debris. As the water flows through the tea strainer, the silk mesh traps any loose tea leaves, allowing only the smooth and flavorful liquid to pass through. The result is a pristine infusion that showcases the true essence of your chosen tea, revealing its distinct flavors and aromas in all its glory.

Indulging in tea moments becomes an elevated experience with the aid of this tea filter. Its practicality enhances the ease of preparing your favorite teas, allowing you to focus on the serene and meditative aspects of the tea ritual. As you immerse yourself in the tea-making process, you can feel a sense of connection with the traditions of Gong Fu Cha. The tea strainer becomes a trusted companion, aiding you in extracting the full potential of your tea leaves and enhancing your overall tea experience.

Embrace the simplicity and elegance of this tea strainer as it effortlessly complements your Gong Fu Tea Set. Its beauty and practical functionality work in unison to create a seamless tea-straining process. With every brew, you can relish in the clarity and brilliance of your tea, savoring the intricate flavors and delicate nuances that make each cup a moment of pure enjoyment. Let this tea filter be a testament to the appeal of Gong Fu Cha and the artistry found within its teaware.


    • Material: Ceramic, Silk Net


    NOTE: Each piece's glaze is unique. The actual colors and patterns may significantly differ from the ones in the photos.  

    NOTE: Teaware easily absorbs taste and aromas and should never be washed using detergents. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    My tea pot is absolutely gorgeous and cherished. I'm not quite sure how to use the strainer but it is nice and the Tea is amazing and how smooth and flavorful

    perfect for metal free straining

    Whether or not you have the white crane set this is a wonderful addition to the tea table. The bamboo motif of the base is lovely, the glaze coloration is very pleasing and complementary of any natural toned teaware. Overall it feels and looks well made, the silk mesh strainer does an excellent job of filtering fine particles and is replaceable if you are so inclined.

    Excellent strainer

    This strainer works just like it should. Keeps out all extraneous particles from your cup, if that's important to you. I don't use it for every tea type. It goes well with the white crane cups I have.