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Pu-erh Tea Needle & Brush


A pu-erh tea knife, also known as a tea pick or pu-erh tea needle, comes in handy when dealing with various forms of compressed tea, like tea cakes, brick tea, and tuocha. With care, gently insert the tea needle into the tea cake, then delicately maneuver it up and down until the tea starts to loosen and break apart. For optimal results, repeat this process from multiple angles until you obtain the desired-sized tea piece. This dedicated tea pick ensures the preservation of the tea cake's integrity and minimizes leaf scraps.

Designed with convenience and practicality in mind, this tea needle finds a secure storage spot within the tea brush, which serves as another valuable tool in the tea ceremony. The tea brush effectively aids in cleaning tea leaf scraps, guiding excess water down the drain of the tea table, and seasoning Yixing teaware and tea pets. Combining the tea needle's functionality with the tea brush's versatility, tea lovers can indulge in a seamless and enjoyable tea experience, enhanced by the practicality and utility of these teaware essentials.

This tea needle and brush duo caters to your needs as you break up and brew various forms of pu-erh tea, creating an ambiance of precision and reverence for the tea leaves. So, embrace the spirit of Gong Fu Cha, and let these indispensable tools accompany you on your tea journey. With their seamless functionality and grounded elegance, the tea needle and tea brush stand as loyal companions, reflecting the spirit of Gong Fu Cha for dedicated tea connoisseurs seeking a tea experience.


Material: Ebony wood, stainless steel, brush

Dimensions: 8 in / 20.5 cm

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Good build!

Dmitry Holm
Good pu-erh pick

Good pu-erh pick 👍🏻