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Matcha Sifter (Tsubame Chakoshi)


Our Tsubame Chakoshi (tea sifter) strikes a balance between straightforward elegance and functionality, lending a refined air to the simple actions of sifting matcha and filtering loose leaves. No two pieces are exactly alike due to the dappled, tsuchime (槌目) surface - a result of skilled artisans' hand-hammering. This artistry for daily products is typical within Tsubame - the region of its production.

Niigata Prefecture's Tsubame City (燕市) is about a two-hour shinkansen ride from Tokyo. The creation of craft tools in this region dates back to the Edo Period (roughly 400 years ago). It was when Japanese nails were first made there. Today, the region produces a wide variety of metallic kitchenware by drawing on its rich history and inherited traditions. Tsubame City is a well-known quality mark in and outside of Japan. We are excited to present you with an example of their craft.

• Dimensions: 6"x3" / 15.5x7.5cm

• Material: Stainless steel

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