"White Crane" Cha Dao Tea Utensils Set


Cha Dao, meaning "teaism" or "the way of tea," represents a tea culture that embraces a unique set of tea aesthetics, emphasizing mindfulness and attentiveness during the tea ritual. Specifically, it encompasses the practices involved in making and savoring tea, fostering a deep connection to the process and the sensory experience.

In the Chinese Tea Ceremony, also known as Gong Fu Cha, the term Cha Dao refers to an indispensable collection of tea tools. This Gong Fu Tool Set, called "Six Gentlemen of Tea Ceremony" (茶道六君子 – Cha Dao Liu Jun Zi), adorned with an elegant white crane motif, holds deep symbolism, signifying peace and longevity within Chinese culture.

The set encompasses a range of essential utensils, each serving a role in the process and enjoyment of Gong Fu Cha. A ceramic tea utensils holder provides a neat and organized space to store and display the essential tools, adding a touch of natural charm to the tea setup.

To delicately handle the tea leaves, a tea scoop takes center stage. Its importance lies in preventing the oils from one's fingers from influencing the tea's taste, ensuring a pure and unadulterated flavor profile in each brew.

With the help of a thoughtful funnel, seamlessly transferring tea leaves into the teapot becomes a spill-free and effortless task, preserving the integrity of the leaves and avoiding any unnecessary waste.

The inclusion of tweezers or tongs proves indispensable, particularly when handling hot drinking cups. Not only do they protect the hands from the heat, but they also prevent the oils from the server's fingers from affecting the tea's taste, ensuring a harmonious and untainted drinking experience.

A trusty tea stick accompanies the set, facilitating the smooth transfer of tea leaves into the brewing vessel, making the tea-making process a seamless and enjoyable endeavor.

Finally, a needle comes into play, serving a subtle yet important role in removing any stubborn leaves that might become trapped in the spout of the brewing or teapot, ensuring a clean and unobstructed flow of the brewed tea.

Assembled with meticulous attention to detail and practicality, the Gong Fu Tool Set embodies the essence of Cha Dao, immersing tea enthusiasts in the artful and contemplative world of Gong Fu Cha. This collection of tools not only enhances the tea aesthetics of the tea ritual but also deepens the connection to the heritage and tradition surrounding this cherished practice. Embrace the essence of Cha Dao with this splendid tea set, designed to elevate your tea experience and instill a sense of tranquility and focus as you indulge in the Gong Fu Cha ceremony.

The set includes the following tools: 

  • A ceramic tea utensil holder (Cha Dao Tong – 茶道筒)
  • Tea scoop  (Cha Shao – 茶勺)
  • Tea stick  (Cha Chi – 茶匙)
  • Funnel (Cha Lou –   茶漏 or 茶漏斗)
  • Tongs  (Cha Jia – 茶夹)
  • Needle  (Cha Zhen –   茶针)

Material: Ceramic, Bamboo Wood.

NOTE: Each piece's glaze is unique. The actual colors and patterns may significantly differ from the ones in the photos.  

NOTE: Teaware easily absorbs taste and aromas and should never be washed using detergents. 

Customer Reviews

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Seth Flores
Loving This Set!

As I said, I'm loving this set. Upgrades the entire experience at the gong Fu cha table!


Simply beautiful. I love the entire set and the pin (插针) is extra gorgeous!