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Pu-erh Tea-Pick


A tea pick, also known as a pu-erh tea knife or pu-erh tea needle, comes useful when dealing with various forms of compressed pu-erh tea, like cakes, brick tea, and tuocha. To initiate the process, gently insert the tea knife into the cake, brick, or tuocha, and with careful finesse, move it up and down until the tea starts to loosen. Repeating this procedure from multiple points will yield the desired-sized tea piece while using a designated tea needle ensures the preservation of the cake's integrity and minimizes leaf scraps.

Designed with a ribbed grip and a protective sleeve, this tea needle stands as a practical and secure tool, making it convenient for on-the-go tea enthusiasts. Whether at home, on a trip, or engaging in an outdoor tea session, this reliable tea pick serves as a faithful companion, complementing your teaware collection and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your tea ritual. Its durability and user-friendly design allow for effortless and efficient handling, ensuring a seamless experience in breaking up pu-erh tea without damaging it or leaving behind unwanted debris.

This tool upholds the tradition of caring for and preserving the integrity of the pu-erh tea while enriching your tea ritual with its practicality and unassuming beauty. Whether you're a seasoned pu-erh tea enthusiast or a curious beginner delving into the world of Gong Fu Cha, this tea pick stands as a steadfast aid, enabling you to savor the full potential of your cherished pu-erh tea collection. So, let this tea needle accompany you on your tea journey, enhancing every moment spent with your favorite pu-erh brews and elevating your tea experience to new heights.


Dimensions: 6.8in / 17.2cm


NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

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