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Pu-erh Tea-Pick

A tea-pick is an essential tool for breaking up all forms of pu-erh. Using a specially designated tea-knife prevents you from damaging the cake and leaves fewer leaf scraps. The ribbed grip and protective sleeve make this tea-pick convenient, safe, and perfect to take to-go!

Pu-erh Tea Needle & Brush

This tea needle is stored securely inside the tea brush. The tea brush is another useful tea ceremony tool. It's used to help clean tea leaf scraps, move excess water down the drain of the tea table, and season Yixing teaware and tea pets.

Porcelain Cha He (Tea Holder)

A Cha He is otherwise known as a 'tea box' — a vessel for tea introduction. According to the Chinese tea ceremony tradition, we first look at the tea in the cha he and then 'deep face' into it. We inhale, exhale, and inhale once more, deeply through the nose. It allows for the ceremony participants to evaluate the tea that they will be drinking.

Master of Zen Rabbit Tea Pet

In Chinese culture the rabbit is a symbol of good luck and creativity. Drinking tea next to the Master of Zen Rabbit Tea Pet we hope you will be filled with a sense of zen and tranquility that allows abundant space for the creativity to take place.

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Handmade Chashaku

A chashaku is a bamboo scoop that is traditionally used to measure matcha for serving (One full scoop of matcha is equivalent to 1 gram). This chashaku is handmade in Japan and derives from a darker bamboo, adding elegance to your matcha set.

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