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"Peach" Handmade Yixing Teapot (ZiSha: DuanNi & ZiNi)

This 120ml "Peach" Yixing Teapot will make a lovely addition to your gongfu tea set, offering a delicate tea aesthetic. Duan Ni clay (Zi Sha) retains heat well, is porous and absorbent. What differentiates Duanni from other ZiSha teapots is that they don't impart any pungent flavors on the tea itself. Furthermore, the clay will mellow out any harsh notes the tea may have, like unbalanced smokiness or earthiness of darker teas.

"Moon Rabbit" Handmade Yixing Teapot (ZiSha: DuanNi)

Moon Rabbit is a mystical figure from Chinese culture. If you look up during the full moon, you'll see him with a mortar, pounding elixir of life. This 200ml Yixing Teapot shaped as Dragon Egg will make a lovely addition to your gongfu tea set. Duan Ni Yixing clay (Zi Sha) retains heat well, is porous and absorbent. The clay will mellow out any harsh notes the tea may have, like unbalanced smokiness or earthiness of darker teas.

"Palace Lantern" Handmade Yixing Teapot (ZiSha: ZhuNi)

Gong Deng means "Palace Lamp". It is one of the classical Yixing shapes which reminds of a lantern. Teas that should retain their aromatic qualities and high notes, like Dan Cong or Taiwanese Oolongs, will benefit from Zhu Ni ZiSha clay that is high in iron and has low porosity. Fully handmade by a skillful artist, this 120ml Yixing Teapot will help to create the right atmosphere for your Gong Fu Cha ceremony.

Aged Clay, Shui Ping Yixing Teapot (ZiSha: ZiNi)

Shui Ping is a timeless design piece. This 110ml teapot is made of 20-years aged purple clay, Zi Ni. Aging the clay is a lengthy procedure that takes the properties of the famous purple clay up a notch. Aging makes the clay more homogenous, improves air permeability and the compatibility of various components in the mud. And last but not least - it accounts for a warmer, more vibrant color and a better overall look and feel of the finished product.

Bian Xi Shi Handmade Yixing Teapot (ZiSha: Dahongpao ZhuNi)

Dahongpao Zhuni clay is quite rare. The ratio of Dahongpao to the regular Zhuni ore is about 1:100. High in iron oxide, the clay looks red. Hence the name – Da Hong Pao means "Big Red Robe" in Chinese. These Yixing teapots are distinguished by their density. They are less porous than other Yixing clay varieties. This 200ml teapot will pair beautifully with aromatic Taiwanese oolongs and other fragrant teas.

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Xi Shi Yixing Teapot (ZiSha: ZiNi)

This 140ml Zi Ni Yixing teapot made of clay from the delta of Yangtze River (Zi Sha) has excellent porosity and heat retaining properties that can significantly improve tea taste. The shape is the classical Xi Shi (宜兴). Xi Shi was a famous beauty of ancient China. This classical shape resembles her full round face, the spout looks like a mouth, gentle and graceful, and the handle resembles her elegant hair bun.

Tetsubin (Tetsu-Kyusu) Cast-Iron Teapot

Tetsubin, the Japanese cast-iron kettle, is an integral part of Cha No Yu – Japanese tea-drinking tradition. Glazed with enamel on the inside and accompanied with a tea-strainer, this 1ltr tetsubin is perfect for brewing tea and is easy to clean.

Gyokuro Kyusu Teapot. Handmade (Tokoname Clay)

Tokoname clay is one of Japan's six original kiln styles. The clay reacts with tannins in the tea to decrease bitterness and bring out even more sweetness. Designed for Gyokuro, this 120ml teapot ensures a slow and steady pour that will get all the umami out of your precious tea.

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Kyusu Teapot

The Kyusu has been used to brew Japanese tea for ages. As respected in the culture, the white color symbolizes purity and relates to the spiritual world. With a capacity of 200ml, it's an ideal teapot for Sencha and Gyokuro green tea.

Japanese Kyusu Teapot (Tokoname Clay)

Tokoname teapots date back over 900 years ago to the Heian Period. The clay inside reacts with tannins in the tea to decrease bitterness. Carefully crafted in Aichi prefecture, this 355ml teapot is well thought through and has a mesh lining filter inside.

Sand-Glazed Kyusu Teapot

The handmade, 225ml, Sand-Glazed Clay Teapot is a beautiful representation of traditional tea culture. When drinking tea from this teapot, all five Chinese elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water combine into one and delightfully influence our well-being.

Ru Yao Porcelain Kyusu Teapot

The Ru Yao Porcelain Kyusu Teapot is a gorgeous representative of the ancient porcelain technique that originated during the Song Dynasty. Iron used in this technique helps to create shining and glimmering luster, and firing creates a net of fine "cracks" in the glaze. With time, the "cracks" will get seasoned with tea and will beautifully darken.

Handmade Side-Handle Teapot

A 125ml side-handle teapot (kyusu). Each teapot is handmade and truly one-of-a-kind. The side-handle makes pouring easy, especially when distributing between more than one cup. Beautifully animated white glaze finish.

Chaozhou Charcoal Stove and Clay Kettle

What can be more enticing than watching rising steam, listening to crackling charcoal, boiling water, and a Chaozhou clay kettle clacking lid? The Chaozhou charcoal stove and clay kettle are a must-have if you are serious about Gong Fu Cha. It will transform the entire tea experience by taking it to the next level. Many argue that water boiled on the open fire in a clay kettle is so much better than the one boiled in a stainless steel electric kettle.

Yixing Teapot Gong Fu Set (ZiSha: ZhuNi)

In the set: Handmade Yixing Teapot (Zi Sha: Zhu Ni) crafted by master Zheng Fengxiang, and two sets of Yixing Clay Zhu Ni Aroma Tea Cups

Yixing Teapot Gong Fu set (ZiSha: ZiNi)

In the set: Yixing Teapot (Zi Sha: Zi Ni), and two sets of matching Yixing Clay Zi Ni Aroma Tea Cups