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Tetsubin (Tetsu-Kyusu) Cast-Iron Teapot

Tetsubin, the Japanese cast-iron kettle, is an integral part of Cha No Yu – Japanese tea-drinking tradition. Glazed with enamel on the inside and accompanied with a tea-strainer, this 1ltr tetsubin is perfect for brewing tea and is easy to clean.

Gyokuro Kyusu Teapot. Handmade (Tokoname Clay)

Tokoname clay is one of Japan's six original kiln styles. The clay reacts with tannins in the tea to decrease bitterness and bring out even more sweetness. Designed for Gyokuro, this 120ml teapot ensures a slow and steady pour that will get all the umami out of your precious tea.

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Kyusu Teapot

The Kyusu has been used to brew Japanese tea for ages. As respected in the culture, the white color symbolizes purity and relates to the spiritual world. With a capacity of 200ml, it's an ideal teapot for Sencha and Gyokuro green tea.

Japanese Kyusu Teapot (Tokoname Clay)

Tokoname teapots date back over 900 years ago to the Heian Period. The clay inside reacts with tannins in the tea to decrease bitterness. Carefully crafted in Aichi prefecture, this 355ml teapot is well thought through and has a mesh lining filter inside.

Sand-Glazed Kyusu Teapot

The handmade, 225ml, Sand-Glazed Clay Teapot is a beautiful representation of traditional tea culture. When drinking tea from this teapot, all five Chinese elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water combine into one and delightfully influence our well-being.

Ru Yao Porcelain Kyusu Teapot

The Ru Yao Porcelain Kyusu Teapot is a gorgeous representative of the ancient porcelain technique that originated during the Song Dynasty. Iron used in this technique helps to create shining and glimmering luster, and firing creates a net of fine "cracks" in the glaze. With time, the "cracks" will get seasoned with tea and will beautifully darken.

Handmade Side-Handle Teapot

A 125ml side-handle teapot (kyusu). Each teapot is handmade and truly one-of-a-kind. The side-handle makes pouring easy, especially when distributing between more than one cup. Beautifully animated white glaze finish.