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"Spring Buds" Chun Jian GuShu Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake, 2012


The Great Emperor of China asked the wise Lao Cha:

Shifu, for many years now, I've been searching my Empire for a Sheng Pu-erh that is aged and mature and yet refreshing and crisp. For a kind of tea that would combine pleasant bitterness with even more pleasant sweetness. In other words, I'm looking for a pu-erh that would have both – yin and yang. But alas, I haven't succeeded in my search yet. Maybe you, the Grand Tea Master, came across such tea? 

— Yes, The Great Emperor of All Under Heaven, I know of such tea. Chun Jian of 2012, from Fengqing, is the pu-erh that you are looking for.  Made of the buds and large leaves of the ancient trees, this pu-erh is the real embodiment of Yin and Yang and possesses a strong Cha Qi!


Our Feng Qing Ancient Tree "Spring Buds" Raw Pu-erh is made exclusively from the young leaves of the ancient large-leaf tea tree. Chun Jian stands for the teas picked during a specific period, which lasts only from the beginning of March to April 20th. Tea picked at this time is known to possess exceptionally fresh and aromatic qualities and an abundance of amino acids.

Compared to Ripe Pu-erh, this Raw Pu-erh has far more antioxidants, more bitter notes, yet an unforgettable lingering sweet aftertaste. When enjoying, take a look at its distinct bright yellowish-green color and savor every sip of the strong honey fruit taste.

The area around Lincang is among the famous pu-erh tea-producing regions in Yunnan. It is situated near the border with Burma, nestling a part of Yunnan's virgin tea tree forests. There, the tea trees grow freely, without human interference, in their natural surroundings and in symbiosis with other plants native to the region. Feng Qing county lies in the northern part of Lincang and is a well-known name among pu-erh tea lovers. It is where the oldest tea tree ever found is located. This tea king, a solemn remnant from distant times, is presumably 3 200 years of age.

The excellent microclimate of Feng Qing is what shapes the distinct character of our Chun Jian GuShu Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake. Its dry tea leaves are plump and solid, high in nutrients, with a tender white hair veil. Its high and fresh fragrance has fruity notes, followed by a brisk bitterness. It then quickly melts into a lasting sweet taste with spring flowers and honey notes that you will feel on the inside of your mouth and cheek for quite a while.

The Chun Jian GuShu Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake undergoes a traditional pu-erh tea processing. Farmers set out to pick the fresh leaves early in the morning. They then spread them out in the shade to rest and wither, followed by a quick roasting over fire to halt the ongoing oxidation. Then comes the rolling, where tea leaves are pressed with a circular motion. It helps ooze out the excessive moisture and allows the aroma and taste to take shape. The farmers then expose the tea leaves to the sun for the drying phase. This semi-finished product, called maocha, goes through steaming and pressing into cakes that bring a touch of Yunnan's wilderness charm to your palate.

NOTE: The pu-erh stand that's on the photos is not included. 


Place of Origin: Fengqing County, Lincang, Yunnan Province, China
• Altitude: 2500m
Harvest Time: Chun Jian (March 10 – April 20), 2012
Production Date: July 2012
Picking Standard: One bud with one to three leaves 
Aroma: Fresh aroma with fruity notes
Taste: Very bright, yet smooth, full of honey notes and a touch of pleasant bitterness, and a quick sweet finish.   

Varietal: Feng Qing large-leaf (凤庆大叶种)


Brewing guidelines:

     212℉ / 100℃  

     1g per 50ml   3-5min

          1g per 20ml   10sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Broden Ure
Phenomenal sheng

For the past week or so I’ve been drinking this tea daily, and every day I love it just as much if not more than before. It’s such an amazing sheng even more when you consider the price, I can’t recommend this enough.

Zachary Roehn

deep flavor with a light liquor. An amazing tea

Spring Buds

Wonderful! Smooth and sweet. I find that gazing at the buds and leaves when wet is just as it can get.

Great puer

Pleasant bitterness. Vegetal but not too green. A light tingling astringency. It’s a refreshing tea for sure. It’s a brighter tea vs warm. Color is a light amber and gets lighter as you get to 6-7 round. I like it !


Delicious and so pure and flavorful