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Gong Mei White Tea Mini-Cake (5g each)

Taste: forest & fruits
Aroma: tropical fruits & flowers
Mouthfeel: refreshing and coating

"Sweet Dew" Meng Ding Gan Lu Handmade Green Tea

Taste: sweet. sunflower seeds
Aroma: floral & fresh
Mouthfeel: smooth & refreshing

Tamaryokucha (Guricha) Green Tea (Japan)

Taste: fresh grass, berries, umami
Aroma: fruity
Mouthfeel: sharp & mouthwatering

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"Melon Seeds" Lu An Gua Pian Green Tea

Taste: distinctively sweet & vegetal
Aroma: fresh vegetal aroma
Mouthfeel: brisk & smooth

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"Big Yellow" Huang Da Cha Yellow Tea

Flavor: cacao with fruity notes
Aroma: roasted, cacao with milk
Mouthfeel: soft & rounded

Low caffeine

"Monkey King" Tai Ping Hou Kui Handmade Green Tea

Taste: peaches & citruses
Aroma: fresh greens & orchids
Mouthfeel: thick & smooth

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Sobacha (Japan)

Taste: nutty, savory
Aroma: lightly roasted
Mouthfeel: smooth & thick

Caffeine free

Meng Ding Hei Cha Handmade Tea Brick, 2022

Flavor: sweet & sour berries, pine nuts
Aroma: berries, oats & honey
Mouthfeel: tingly & refreshing

Li Shan Oolong Tea (Taiwan)

Taste: floral & sweet
Aroma: orchid flowers
Mouthfeel: creamy & coating

"Kagu-tsuchi" Suruga-wase Oolong Tea (Japan)

Taste: walnuts & lemongrass
Aroma: sugarcane & baked spinach
Mouthfeel: crisp & tingling

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Tea Club "Lightweight"

Tea Club is a perfect way to stay excited by tasting various teas and discovering new favorites. We'll introduce you to what we find worth your attention, including our new arrivals. Become a member of our Tea Club, and your cup will never be half-empty!

"Curiosity" GuShu ShuSheng (Ripe & Raw) Pu-erh Tea Cake (100g)

Taste: fruity & mineral
Aroma: floral & foresty
Mouthfeel: tangy but mellow

Waterlilies Herbal Tea

Great, refreshing pineapple flavor

Caffeine free

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"White Pu-erh" GuShu Raw Pu-erh with White Tea Cake (100g)

Taste: fruity & floral
Aroma: orchid & stone fruits
Mouthfeel: pleasantly tart

Guo Gan GuShu Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake, 2019 (100g) (Myanmar 🇲🇲)

Taste: alpine, pleasant bitternes & sweet finish
Aroma: fresh high-mountain aroma with floral notes
Mouthfeel: pleasantly astringent

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"Holy Dragon" Tian Long Oolong Tea (Taiwan)

Taste: fruity & floral with milky notes
Aroma: apricot jam & warm milk
Mouthfeel: creamy & smooth

Aged Chen Pi White Tea, 2010

Taste: sweet & sour
Aroma: citric & sweet
Mouthfeel: brisk & smooth

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Bug-bitten "Oriental Beauty" Dongfang Meiren Oolong Tea

Taste: honey, ginger, chrysanthemum
Aroma: champagne & foliage
Mouthfeel: creamy & tingly

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"Golden Lily" Kim Tuyen Oolong Tea (Vietnam 🇻🇳)

Taste: vanila & tropical fruits
Aroma: mango & lychee
Mouthfeel: Juicy & coating

Keemun Black Tea

Taste: malty, stone fruit
Aroma: roasted sweet potato
Mouthfeel: thick & rounded

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"Red Cat" Jingmai Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake, 2014 (100g)

Taste: prunes & dates
Aroma: smoked dates
Mouthfeel:: pleasantly tart

"Black & White" White Tea with Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake (200g)

Taste: honey & rose hip
Aroma: rose hip & sour bread
Mouthfeel: dense & coating

"Stone Apple" Matoom Herbal Tea (Thailand 🇹🇭)

Juicy and sweet tropical fruit tea

Caffeine free

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Tencha Green Tea (Japan)

Taste: umami, sweet, nutty
Aroma: vegetal & nutty
Mouthfeel: thick & brothy

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