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Tangerine Peel White Tea

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This ball-shaped white tea is wrapped in a piece of white cotton paper. When ripping off the wrapping paper, you will get a sweet orange aroma. The orange peel ball has been split into two parts with a circular incision. The upper part is the “lid” and the lower part is the “body”, acting as a container, stuffed with dry white tea leaves. Tea leaves are highly absorbent and can adopt an odor from anything they come in contact with. So, by putting dried leaves inside the peel of a tangerine, we can create a new flavor of tea that is slightly sweet and has a tasty orange aroma. 


Place of Origin: Hulin, Fuding, Fujian
Tea Garden: Hou Linggang Tea Garden
Tea Type: White tea
Harvest time: June 2010
Dry tea: Ball-shaped, the peel is dried and crisp; tea leaves are tightly twisted, sturdy, and covered with silvery fuzz.
Aroma:  Tangerine peel scent mixed with white tea aroma
Liquid: Clear, apricot-yellow
Mouthfeel:  Sweet and mild in taste, followed by a thirst-quenching feeling
Tree Species: Fudin Dahaocha
Fermentation: light(10%)
Caffeine: Low (less than 10% of a cup of coffee)
Shelf Life: Can be stored for a long time


    Brewing directions:

     200℉ / 95℃ 
     3gr + 2gr of tangerine peel     3-4min 
     3gr + 2gr of tangerine peel    rinse. Then 7 infusions: 25s, + 10s each additional time

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