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Tea Club "Lightweight"


Become a member of our Tea Club, and your cup will never be half-empty!

Once a month, you'll be receiving two different teas (25g each) that we will pick for you, 50g in total.

It can be two teas of the same type (White, Green, Oolong, Black (Red), or Pu-erh. Or it may be a mix of different types. Even Yellow Tea can is part of the Tea Club!

We'll introduce you to what we find worth your attention, including, of course, our new arrivals.

If 50g a month is not enough, check out other Tea Club options.


Tea Club membership is a perfect way to stay excited by tasting various teas and discovering new favorites.

With the Tea Club, there is no need to remember to re-order to keep your tea jars from running empty. 

Let's start discovering them, teas! Give teas a try, we say!