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Award-Winning "Dragon Well" Long Jing Green Tea


A young monk asked the wise tea master Lao Cha:

Shifu, what is your favorite green tea?
– It’s Long Jing, of course. This tea has such a nice chestnut flavor without even a hint of bitterness. 


Shi Feng Long Jing "Dragon Well" Green Tea from Xi Hu (Lion Peak, West Lake) is recognized as one of China's top ten teas and is often served to VIP guests and overseas officials when visiting China. This tea's history dates back many centuries to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) when it was listed as China's top tea.

'The Golden Leaf Awards' is one of the most important tea awards, at which our "Dragon Well" Shi Feng Long Jing Green Tea won the Gold Medal in the year 2019.

Long Jing differs from other types of green teas with its flat smooth tea leaves and undeniably sweet aftertaste. This tea type is divided into three categories, with Xi Hu Long Jing being the best one. The government sees the West Lake village in Hangzhou as the birthplace of Dragon Well Green Tea. Thus the area's culture, traditions, and pure harvesting methods are protected.

The unique flat shape of the tea leaves and the slightly nutty flavor of this tea come from the processing method. Long Jing is produced entirely in the span of one day. First, the tea leaves are harvested early in the morning. Then, after withering, the leaves are swiftly pan-fired. This kind of processing lets the tea leaves retain most of their inner substances intact.

This premium Long Jing tea is an excellent example of its kind. It comes from Shi Feng Shan (Lion Peak Mountain) – the prime growing area of Long Jing. Carefully hand-harvested, leaf to leaf, it has no hint of bitterness. Instead, it produces a delightfully subtle classic green tea taste and gentle scent. Its dry leaves are straight and neat, with one bud and one to two leaves, mixing dark yellow with grassy to greyish green. The tea soup is of clear green-yellow color. The tea exudes a light aroma of roasted beans mixed with fresh flowers. The taste is refreshing and invigorating, with subtle notes of roasted chestnut, for an ultimate Longjing experience. As with most tender and delicate green teas, the first couple of brewings concentrate the most precious substances in the leaves, together with the taste and aroma.

We recommend using a tall glass when steeping the tea outside of your usual brewing devices. Watching the tea buds dance and swirl up and down in hot water has been a favorite pastime in the imperial court among the literati. The dance of the tea leaves is a delight for the eyes and soul. It has served as an inspiration to some of the most prominent poets and painters of the age to create timeless works of art we still enjoy today.

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Place of Origin: Shi Feng Shan, Xihu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China 
Altitude: 350m
Harvest Time: April 2023
 Picking Standard: One bud and one or two leaves
Aroma: Subtle roasted beans aroma
 Taste: Highly refreshing, rich, chestnut taste with citrus notes and no hint of bitterness
• Cultivar: Longjing #43


Brewing guidelines:

        175℉ / 80℃ 

 1g per 60ml   3-5min

     1g per 25ml    10sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion

Customer Reviews

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Kenneth W Jenks
Dragons well Long Jing excursion

The green fields are fresh.
Trees and a mountain give perspective.
Traveling there on taste buds,
Open to the Green Sky, too.

Dave Rivers
The Best

When friends ask why I buy premium tea, I have them smell a dry green tea bag from the grocery store. Then I open a tin of this Long Jing. They are blown away. I never tire of this tea! Amazing!

Trent Thomson
Par Excellence

After seeking a path for better Tea and a more mindful approach, I have found both the Tea ("Dragon Well" Long Jing Green Tea) and the Tea Company/Stewards who share their goodness and knowledge. "Dragon Well" is now my new morning Tea! Path of Cha is par excellence for Tea drinkers. This was my first purchase, but "a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu

Smooth and Delicate.

I made my first purchase of the Dragon Well tea from Path of Cha. I like the light, and delicate flavor so much that I’ve made a 2nd purchase straight away. I can’t wait to gift them to my friends.

Best of a favorite tea

I've had Dragonwell tea from many places and this one is one of the best! Just the right balance and as mentioned, no bitterness. This is my every morning tea--and definitely a great way to start my day.