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Award-Winning Ali Shan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea (Taiwan)


After trying some Milk Oolong from Ali Shan Mountain Buddha asked tea master Lao Cha:

— Tell me, the Wise One, how were you able to achieve such a gentle scent of gardenias and milk? Such a soft, velvety, and buttery taste? 

— This wasn’t hard, oh Enlightened one. All I had to do was plant the Jin Xuan tea bush on Ali Shan Mountain in Taiwan. But only at a height over 1000 meters. Then cultivate it on the mountain’s rocky slopes, together with the cool air and occasional fog. The roots of the tea bush will have no choice but to suck up all the available moisture and nutrients and send it to the leaves. These tea leaves will, in turn, become oolong tea and gift you and other lucky ones their delicate flavor and healthy qualities.


"The Golden Leaf Awards" is one of the most influential tea awards distributed in Australia, where our Ali Shan Milk Oolong Tea won the gold medal in 2017. Indeed, Alishan Milk Oolong is a great representative of Taiwanese High Mountain Tea. This exceptional tea grows in high-altitude gardens (1000 meters and upwards), following the natural rhythm of the mountainous weather with short sunlight and cold nights, absorbing the vital energy and trace minerals of the spring water of Ali Mountain, which farmers use to irrigate the tea trees. The clouds and mist diffuse the ultraviolet light and reduce the astringency in tea leaves, producing a sweeter tea with a mild and gentle taste. In harsh weather conditions, tea trees grow slow, accumulating nutrients that turn the tea leaves soft and thick, with a high pectin content.

Ali Shan Milk Oolong's signature fragrance is a mix of gardenia and a natural milky aroma. It comes from the Jin Xuan tea cultivar, which also bears the name TTES #12. It appeared in the Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station during the early 80s as one of the island's self-bred cultivars. Its uniquely smooth, sweet flavor, paired with a traditional refreshing aroma and cool, silky texture, quickly made it one of Taiwanese tea drinkers' favorite oolongs. Proper oxidation, roasting, and overall processing are crucial for achieving its unique taste and scent. A gong fu style infusion creates a golden yellow tea soup with a creamy, buttery flavor and mouthfeel. Rich and mellow taste of fresh milk pairs with delicate osmanthus notes and fills the mouth and nose down to the throat. A gentle aftertaste of milk cookies and sweet flowers lingers on the cheeks and tongue long after the last sip.

This type of tea is known as "Milk Oolong" to the West. Unfortunately, nowadays, some vendors will artificially flavor their teas to produce a strong milk scent. However, the aroma of a genuine Milk Oolong should never be overly intense; on the contrary, the milky notes are pleasant, light and faint. If you choose to brew our Ali Shan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong tea gong-fu style, you will surely notice that the sweet, creamy notes last throughout multiple infusions — a sign of an authentic, high-quality Oolong Milk tea. We will never taint our teas with artificial flavorings. Instead, we let you experience the authentic, unadulterated taste of this exceptional tea, the way nature intended it.


Place of Origin: Ali Shan, Taiwan
• Altitude: 1000m
Harvest Time: April 2023
• Picking Standard: One bud with one or two leaves
• Roast: Light
Aroma: Elegant floral aroma and a light milky fragrance
 TastePure and mild, smooth and round taste. The tea has a light scent of gardenia and milk. Feels smooth going down the throat, with a long-lasting sweet finish
• Cultivar: Jin Xuan (金萱)


Brewing guidelines:

        195℉ / 90℃ 

1g per 50ml   3-5min

    1g per 20ml   10sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion 

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Ali Shan Milk Oolong

I tasted many Milk Oolong teas from different sources, including Ten Ren New York tea store in Manhattan. In my opinion, this tea from Path of Cha is the best in its category.


Thank goodness I found this wonderful store by way of my friend. I have tried another purveyor's milk Oolong - sickly sweet and fake tasting. This Ali Shan Jin Xuan is amazing. It's light and subtle and I could swim in an ocean of it forever. So happy I tried this and will order more for sure

Edward J Vatza
Light and Floral... an excellent tea for a relaxing session

Just finished my second session with this tea this morning. I find the tea very light, very mellow and quite relaxing to drink. The milk aroma seemed strongest with the dry leaf but carried through to the early infusions. And the floral aroma was very nice... not too strong, not too weak, just perfect. And importantly another tea that passed the Barbara test. She drank without once mentioning the need for a sweetener which is her out when she's not liking the particular tea.

Dan G
Great Example of this style

Excellent balance, smooth, creamy, floral, low astringency. Very good example of a milk oolong that’s not too milky. More creamy, smooth and floral than milky. I don’t really like them when they’re too milky. Brewed gong fu style of course. At least 6-7 good steeps.

Steven Walker
Taste The Mountain

I think this tea shines when brewed in a gaiwan. My first attempts were western, and I just didn’t get it. I think over steeping is easy to do with this tea, western may work better with a one minute steep than 2-3 mins. So, 6.5g 100ml gaiwan at 200, rinse, 5 seconds+5 for subsequent infusions. The leaves just keep giving, tea really comes to life at the 2nd and 3rd infusions. Leaves swelled and filled my small gaiwan after just a few infusions. I hit it many times through the day and enjoyed every cup. A delicate tea with floral aroma, pure and clean, very refreshing, never bitter or astringent. For me flavor is strongly mineral like a granite mountain in my cup that blends with an elusive herbal quality I find intriguing. It lingers long after swallowing and gives me the sense I’m drinking something that’s very good for me, medicinal in spirit. The mouth feel radiates through my teeth and creates a physical mouth and tongue sensation like a subtle tingle. This is a really good and interesting tea that I found moderately energizing, centering, calming while providing a good enduring clarity of mind and physical vigor.