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Award Winning Ali Shan Milk Oolong Tea, Taiwan

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'The Golden Leaf Awards' are one of the most important tea awards, held in Australia, at which our Ali Shan Milk Oolong Tea has won the Gold Medal in the year of 2017.

Ali Shan Milk Oolong is a great representative of Taiwanese High Mountain Teas. The tea garden at which this oolong grows is located at altitudes starting from 1000 meters and up. On the high mountain, the air is cold and the sky is cloudy. Sun time is short and, as a result, the astringent substance in the tea leaves is reduced, producing a sweeter tea. Because of the drastic differences in temperature between day and night times, the tea tree grows slowly. It results in the leaf turning soft and thick with a high content of pectin. The tea trees are irrigated with the spring water of Ali Mountain. 

One of the main characteristics of Ali Shan Milk Oolong is the mixed fragrance of gardenia and a natural milky aroma. It comes from the Jin Xuan tea tree. Not many tea trees can produce teas with this exceptional fragrance. This type of tea is known to the West as 'Milk Oolong'.


Place of Origin: Ali Shan, Taiwan, at an altitude of 1000m and higher.
Tea Type: Oolong tea
Harvest Time: October 28, 2017
• Plucking Standard: One bud with three leaves
Dry Tea: Round shape, glossy and dark green
Aroma: Elegant floral aroma and a light milky fragrance
Liquor: Greenish-yellow, clean and bright
Taste: Pure and mild, smooth and round taste. The tea has a light scent of gardenia and milk. Feels smooth going down the throat, with a long-lasting sweet aftertaste
 Shelf Life: 3years    


Brewing directions:

 205℉ / 95℃ 
 4.5gr     3-4min 
 6gr       rinse. Then  8 infusions: 5s, + 5s each additional time
Make sure to follow the brewing directions. This tea is very delicate and easy to over-brew. 


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