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"Moonlight Beauty" Yue Guang Meiren White Tea

Taste: sweet & fruity
Aroma: rich fruity aroma
Mouthfeel: creamy & thick

"Nattsu" Ceremonial Grade Matcha (Japan)

Taste: umami, sweet, nutty
Aroma: nutty
Mouthfeel: creamy, smooth, thick

"Nickel" Shou Mei White Tea Mini-Cake, 2011 (5g each)

Taste: bold, sweet & fruity
Aroma: dry foliage & fruits
Mouthfeel: rounded & thick

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"Northern Swallow" Bac Yen GuShu Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake (Vietnam 🇻🇳)

Taste: fresh and floral, long finish
Aroma: alpine forest
Mouthfeel: light and refreshing

"Old Tea Heads" Lao Cha Tou Ripe Pu-erh Tea Nuggets, 2021

Taste: sweet dates, earthy
Aroma: wood, mushrooms, leather
Mouthfeel: light & soft

"Persimmon" Shi Yuan Yixing Teapot (ZiSha: ZhuNi)

Ren Yixin's 110ml "Persimmon" Shi Yuan Yixing Teapot is a stunning example of traditional yet innovative teapot creation. Crafted from highly prized ZhuNi clay from Zhao Zhuang Zhu, the teapot's smooth lines and harmonious shape strike a perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics. The teapot's deep scarlet and dark red color and its shape capture the essence of autumn, the beauty of nature, and the rich cultural history of China.

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"Pine Needle" Song Zhen Dian Hong Black Tea

Taste: dark chocolate & sour cherry
Aroma: chocolate, prunes
Mouthfeel: viscous & mouth-watering

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"Pomelo Blossom" You Hua Xiang Dan Cong Oolong Tea

Taste: pomelo & grapefruit
Aroma: floral, pleasantly roasted
Mouthfeel: sharp & tingly

"Red Cat" Jingmai Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake, 2014 (100g)

Taste: prunes & dates
Aroma: smoked dates
Mouthfeel:: pleasantly tart

"Red Dragon" Hong Long Black Tea

Taste: tropical fruits
Aroma: rich and fruity
Mouthfeel: viscous & mouth-watering

"Sea Foam" Handmade Chawan Matcha Bowl

A deep and wide, 355ml chawan provides enough room for the chasen to effortlessly move back and forth to produce froth and dissolve the matcha powder. Its robust shape sits nicely in both hands. The sea foam-green lacquer with white accents summons images of ocean waves lightly passing over a sandy shore.

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"Secret Forest" Lai Chau Wild Black Tea (Vietnam 🇻🇳)

Taste: tropical fruits
Aroma: mango & lychee
Mouthfeel: Juicy & coating

"Silver Needle" Bai Hao Yin Zhen White Tea (Thailand 🇹🇭)

Taste: plums, strawberries, vanilla
Aroma: vanilla
Mouthfeel: smooth & thick

"Sleeping Firefox" Yixing Tea Pet (ZiSha: Da Hong Pao ZhuNi)

Behold the mystic creature, Firefox. With fur of fiery red, it moves with grace and agility, leaving wonder in its wake. Legends say it possesses magic. Elusive and enigmatic, Firefox remains an enigma revered by those who believe in nature's power and the mysteries it conceals.

"Small Yellow" Huang Xiao Cha Yellow Tea

Flavor: chestnuts & quince
Aroma: roasted chestnuts
Mouthfeel: creamy & tingly

"Snow Dragon" Xue Long Green Tea

Taste: sweet & fruity
Aroma: fruity
Mouthfeel: full-bodied & creamy

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"Spring Buds" Chun Jian GuShu Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake, 2012

Taste: pleasant bitterness with honey notes & sweet finish
Aroma: fruity
Mouthfeel: thick, creamy & pleasantly astringent

"Stone Milk" Shi Ru Wuyi Oolong Tea

Taste: mineral & fruity
Aroma: chocolate, spices & tobacco
Mouthfeel: velvety & tingly

"Sweet Dew" Meng Ding Gan Lu Handmade Green Tea

Taste: sweet. sunflower seeds
Aroma: floral & fresh
Mouthfeel: smooth & refreshing

"Sweet Ginseng" Lan Guiren Oolong Tea (Taiwan)

Taste: long lingering sweetness
Aroma: subtle ginseng
Mouthfeel: thick & creamy

"The Right of Qin" Handmade Yixing Teapot (ZiSha: ZiNi)

Qin Quan ("the right of Qin" or "the power of Qin") is one of the classical yixing shapes, named after Qin Shi Huang – the first emperor of unified China and founder of the Qin dynasty. This 180ml Yixing teapot with fast pour (16ml/sec) is made of Zi Ni – excellent clay to bring taste and aroma out of tea. The outside of the teapot is decorated with Hei Ni – another Yixing clay, with high iron content that turns black after firing. This Qin Quan features an exquisite pattern called Taotie.

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"Tiny Mandarine" Ripe Chen Pi Pu-erh, 2021

Taste: sweet & citric
Aroma: citric & woody
Mouthfeel: mellow & coating

"Tree of Life" GongFu Tea Tray (Cha Pan)

This state-of-the-art GongFu Tea Tray is hand carved from pine wood and is the true embodiment of the Chinese Tea Ceremony. Watch water and tea elegantly trickle down the branches and into the trunk, feeding it water for the tree to grow bigger.

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"Water Sprite" Lao Cong Shui Xian Wuyi Oolong Tea

Taste: slightly roasted, nutty & mineral
Aroma: floral
Mouthfeel: rounded & thick

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