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Li Shan Oolong Tea (Taiwan)


In the tranquil highlands of Heping village, Master Lao Cha and his eager disciple sat overlooking the mist-covered tea gardens of Li Shan. With a twinkle in his eye, Lao Cha brewed a tea, the aroma of orchid flowers wafting through the air. As they sipped the first brew, the disciple's eyes widened in delight.

– "Master, it's like drinking a cloud!" he exclaimed, a little more loudly than he intended.

Lao Cha chuckled, – "Indeed, my young friend. But not just any cloud – this is a cloud kissed by the warmth of fresh milk and sweetness of cookies, a gift from the high heavens of Heping."

The disciple, puzzled, pondered over the master's poetic comparison. – "But how does it achieve such a taste?", – he asked, genuinely curious.

Lao Cha leaned closer, whispering as if sharing an ancient secret, – "It's the magic of the high mountains, where clouds and mist court the tea leaves, slowing their growth and whispering secrets of flavor and aroma into their very essence." 

– "So, in a way, we're tasting the mountains themselves?", – the disciple mused, finally understanding.

– "Yes," – Lao Cha nodded, – "and every sip reminds us to appreciate the slow, nurturing power of nature – and the occasional cookie." 

Introducing Li Shan Oolong Tea, a pristine selection from Heping village, nestled in the high mountains of Taiwan. This tea is growing at an impressive 2000 meters above sea level. It benefits from the cooler temperatures and misty conditions typical of high-altitude regions, which contribute to its unique flavor profile.

Our Li Shan Oolong Tea has a picking standard of one bud and two leaves to ensure the finest quality. It undergoes a light roast and fermentation of only around 10%, preserving its delicate floral notes and sweetness. The aroma of our Lishan Oolong tea clearly reminisces of orchid flowers. Each brew makes you feel like you're standing in the middle of a serene floral garden!

The taste of this Li Shan Oolong is where it truly shines. It offers a delightful floral sweetness with comforting notes of warm milk and oatmeal cookies, creating a cozy and inviting experience. You will also feel the signature creamy touch of the Qing Xin cultivar. Its creamy and coating mouthfeel enhances the overall drinking pleasure, making each sip a luxurious indulgence.

What sets this tea apart is the high mountain environment in which it grows. The altitude contributes to the tea's richness and complexity, adding layers of flavor that are hard to find elsewhere. 

Heping Village, located in the renowned Li Shan area of Taichung County, Taiwan, is celebrated for its exceptional tea-growing conditions. With an altitude stretching up to more than 2000 meters, it's one of the highest tea-producing regions in Taiwan. The village benefits from a unique microclimate characterized by cool temperatures, abundant cloud cover, and mist that envelops the tea gardens, especially in the mornings and evenings. This natural environment plays a crucial role in slowing the growth of the tea plants, allowing the leaves to develop a greater concentration of flavors and aromatic compounds. The rich, well-drained soil of Heping village, coupled with the purity of the air and the expertise of its tea farmers, contributes to producing teas of extraordinary quality. These environmental factors, combined with careful cultivation and processing techniques, make the teas from Heping Village truly exceptional, offering a taste experience that's both profound and unparalleled.


  • Place of Origin: Heping village, Li Shan, Taichung  county, Taiwan
  • Altitude: 2000m
  • Harvest Date: May 2024
  • Roast: Light
  • Oxidation: Light (10%)
  • Aroma:  Orchid flower
  • Taste: Floral and sweet, fruity with notes of warm milk and oatmeal cookies. Creamy and coating mouthfeel.
  • Cultivar: Qing Xin (aka Ruan Zhi, TRES #17)


Brewing guidelines:

       200℉ / 95℃ 

1g per 50ml   3-4min

    1g per 20ml   5sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion 

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful Tea

Li Shan Oolong Tea is a wonderful tea with a beautiful description. The description provided above summarizes this tea accurately - it smells just like fresh orchid flowers, with a very strong milky-creamy flavor that leaves a pleasant mouthfeel, and a certain smooth fullness indulged by its sweetness.

The aromatics are strong and pleasant, the taste is sweet and creamy, and the tea liquor is clear and smooth.

Brewed gongfu style following the instructions on the back of the packaging.