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Yixing Clay Aroma Tea Cup Set (ZiSha: ZiNi)


In the world of Gong Fu Cha, where the tea experience is cherished, we find ourselves immersed in the artful exploration of tea. Among the essential components of this journey is the aroma cup, a vessel designed to awaken our senses and enhance our appreciation of tea's captivating fragrance. Let us delve into the intricate details of the aroma cup and discover how it contributes to the tea aesthetic while adding depth to our tea experience.

As its name suggests, the aroma cup serves as a gateway to the sensory delights of tea, particularly oolong tea. Its tall and slender design allows the aromas to gracefully rise and linger, beckoning us to immerse ourselves in the intricate scents that dance above the tea's surface. With each sip, we are greeted by a symphony of fragrances, a prelude to the exquisite flavors that await. Unlike the tasting cup, which focuses on drinking, the aroma cup invites us to pause and savor the fragrant notes that envelop the tea, offering a moment of pure sensory indulgence.

To truly elevate the tea experience, it is essential to ensure that the aroma cups harmonize with the rest of our teaware. Whether using a yixing teapot or a gaiwan, the material and color of the cups should complement the overall aesthetic, creating a cohesive visual ensemble. These aroma teacups are made of the renowned Yixing ZiSha clay, known for its remarkable properties. Crafted from ZiSha clay, these cups not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of our teaware collection but also contribute to the overall enjoyment of the tea.

How to use Aroma Teacups:

Now, let us get to using the aroma cup, a process that heightens our anticipation and deepens our connection with the tea. It begins with pouring the tea from the Cha Hai, the fairness pitcher, into the awaiting aroma cup. To preserve and concentrate the aromas, we cover the aroma cup with the tasting cup, their union creating a harmonious seal that locks in the fragrant notes. With gentle pressure from our thumb and index fingers, we carefully invert the cups, allowing the aroma cup to gracefully ascend to the top. Slowly, we lift the aroma cup, bringing it closer to our senses, allowing the exquisite fragrance to envelop us. At this moment, time seems to stand still as we are transported by the intoxicating scents, preparing our palate for the forthcoming sip of the delightful brew.

In this intimate dance between aroma and taste, the aroma cup serves as our guide, inviting us to fully engage our senses and embrace the beauty of the tea experience. With each infusion, we unlock a new layer of aromas, each as unique and captivating as the last. Through the careful orchestration of these sensory elements, Gong Fu Cha allows us to forge a profound connection with tea, nurturing both our body and spirit.

So, as you embark on your Gong Fu Cha journey, let the aroma cup be your trusted companion, unveiling the hidden treasures of fragrance and flavor within each steep. Embrace the opportunity to engage with tea on a deeper level, pause, savor, and appreciate the exquisite moments that tea graciously offers.

Watch a short video on how to use the Aroma Teacups Set

What is in the set: 

• 1 Yixing clay (ZiSha. ZiNi) aroma cup,

• 1 Yixing Clay (ZiSha. ZiNi) tasting cup,

• 1 wooden saucer.  


NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Loved everything about my shopping experience with Path of Cha!
Enjoying my teas, cups, and teapots a lot

Aramos are next level!

The perfect cups for drinking oolongs. Happy with my purchase


This is really worth while. They add something truly special to your gong fu sessions. I purchased this along side a Yixing teapot and they look perfect together, I look forward to using them together during my sessions.

Serena Zh.
Great with dark oolongs

Got these cups together with the Yixing purple/red tea pot to see how it will enhance the flavors of my dark oolongs collection. I can definitely notice a big change in the way that all the right notes are highlighted both with these cups and the tea pot and think it is a perfect match! If you haven't already, I recommend trying these tea cups with your favorite tea and see how it transforms.

Ollie Kay

Great cups to add to your gong fu set. Since getting them I have been looking forward to certain kinds of teas a lot more since the aromas I get from them keep changing and it's always a journey to try and capture them!