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"White Crane" Gong Fu Tea Cup


This elegant Gong Fu Cha Teacup showcases the timeless beauty of traditional Chinese culture, featuring the graceful depiction of white cranes. These majestic birds have long been revered as symbols of peace and longevity, embodying the essence of harmony and serenity. 

As we gently cradle the Gong Fu Teacup in our hands, we are drawn to the pristine white interior that gracefully contrasts with the vibrant emerald exterior. This intentional design allows us to fully appreciate the colors as we pour the tea into the cup. The white backdrop creates a canvas that showcases the tea's varying hues, whether it is the rich amber of a pu-erh or the delicate jade of a green tea. With each infusion, the teacup becomes a vessel that reveals the tea's visual allure, inviting us to immerse ourselves in its captivating palette.

Crafted from glazed ceramic, the Gong Fu Teacup embodies the perfect balance between form and function. The smooth glaze ensures a seamless transition as we sip from the cup, allowing the tea to glide across our palate without alteration. Its neutral nature guarantees that the teacup becomes a faithful companion for any tea type, never imparting any taste of its own or detracting from the true essence of the tea. With each sip, we are fully immersed in the purest expression of the tea, experiencing its intricate flavors and subtle complexities as intended.

• Capacity: 50ml
• Material: Ceramic. Glazed. 


NOTE: Each piece's glaze is unique. The actual colors and patterns may significantly differ from the ones in the photos.  

NOTE: Teaware easily absorbs taste and aromas and should never be washed using detergents. 

Customer Reviews

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Elegant Cup

Beautiful and practical. A time-machine that sends one back to ancient times in China.

Enhances the pleasure of tea

I originally ordered this cup just because I liked the rich dark jade, stone-like color and the serene white crane. But when it arrived I was surprised by how comfortable the shape, surface and weight of the cup felt in my hand as I sipped from it. It really enhanced the pleasure and experience of drinking from it. I have lots of different size, shape and material tea cups, but this has become my favorite.