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Tea Club


Become a member of our Tea Club, and your cup will never be half-empty!

Once a month (or once every two months – you choose), you'll be receiving four different teas (25g each) that we will pick for you, 100g in total.

It may be a mix of different types of tea: White, Green, Oolong, Red, Pu-erh (oops, that's already five;) Or it could be a mix of two and two, or one and three, or three and one (depends on how you look at it!:). Even Yellow Tea can get into the mix! – We'll introduce you to what we find worth your attention, including, of course, our new arrivals.

For those who don't drink so much tea, we also have the "Lightweight" option: once a month, two teas instead of four, 25 grams each, 50g in total.


Tea Club membership is a perfect way to stay excited by tasting various teas and discovering new favorites.

With the Tea Club, there is no need to remember to re-order to keep your tea jars from running empty. Besides, this way, you'll be saving money compared to buying four teas a month without the membership. 

Let's start discovering them, teas! Give teas a try, we say!

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