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"Yellow Buds" Meng Ding Huang Ya Handmade Yellow Tea


– Shifu, my stomach hurts lately. I suddenly don't feel like drinking our green tea anymore, I crave the sweetness of the summer fruits, bursting with freshness and thirst-quenching juices. But summer is so far away!  

– Fear not, my boy, because this elixir can bring summer into your cup. This one is called yellow tea - it holds the plump, juicy sweetness of summer fruits, brings back the appetite, and revives the spirit after the long winter.


Meng Ding Huang Ya is a rare and exquisite Yellow Tea grown in Mengding Mountain in the Sichuan province of China. Entirely hand-picked and processed, this tea is a true work of art, coming from a region with thousands of years of tea history.

Mengding Huangya (蒙顶黄芽) is made using only the most tender raw material of the first spring tea. Tea farmers collect the leaves from an old local cultivar - Lao Chuancha (老川茶). The tea bushes were grown on the mountain slopes more than 70 years ago. They now grow freely, scattered on the hills, in a semi-wild state. Tea farmers carefully harvest and process the leaves by hand in small batches. After the withering and pan-frying, typical for green tea production, the leaves undergo "yellowing" (Men Huang – 闷黄) - a phase unique to Yellow Tea. The tea master wraps the leaves in paper or cloth in small batches and lets them rest. They then transform under the joint action of heat and moisture. The result is a truly exclusive, high-grade tea that will elevate your tea experience to the next level. The traditional handmade technology and skills of the tea master who produced it turn every cup into a memorable tea tasting.


Tea Master Yao makes Huang Ya Yellow Tea

Men Huang – yellowing tea, done by tea master Yao.


The history of Mengding Huangya is steeped in legend. According to one tale, during the Han dynasty, a legendary Taoist named Wu Lizhen went on a quest to find a tea that could help him reach immortality. He discovered the tea in the Mengding Mountain area of Sichuan, which is where the tea gets its name. Today, Mengding Huangya is still considered a treasure and is highly valued by tea enthusiasts worldwide.

When brewed, Mengding Huangya has a rich, delicate flavor that is both smooth and refreshing. The aroma is high and sweet, with hints of dried apricot, cocoa and honey. The tea has a mellow and velvety taste, with a subtle nutty undertone and a long, sweet finish. The liquor is a pale yellow, and its clarity is a testament to the tea's quality.

Mr. Yao, our tea master, has been producing tea for years, using labor-intensive, time-consuming traditional methods in an effort to preserve and transmit the region's cultural legacy and centuries-old tea-making custom. 

Our Mengding Huang Ya is a truly boutique tea, and its limited production makes it even more exclusive. Its delicate flavor profile and smooth finish make it the perfect tea to enjoy during a quiet moment or to share with friends and loved ones on a special occasion. 


Watch a short video about Yellow Tea


* Due to the limited quantity of the early spring harvest, the handmade processing and Master Yao's reputation, this tea is usually sold out on pre-booking, well before its actual processing. We at Path of Cha are lucky to secure just a couple of kilos, so once this amazing tea is sold out, there won’t be more till next year's spring season.


  • Place of Origin: Mengding Mountain, Ya'an, Sichuan
  • Altitude: 1000m
  • Harvest Date: March 23, 2023
  • Picking Standard: single bud
  • Aroma:  high and sweet, with hints of dried apricot, cocoa and honey
  • Taste:  mellow and velvety, with a subtle nutty undertone and a long, sweet finish
  • Cultivar: Lao Chuan Cha (老川茶)

Brewing guidelines:

        185℉ / 85℃
 1g per 60ml   3-4min

      1g per 25ml    5sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion

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