Chaozhou Stove and Clay Kettle





Picture a captivating scene where rising steam dances in the air, the sound of crackling charcoal fills your ears, and a Chaozhou clay kettle clacks its lid in perfect harmony. Can you feel the excitement? Let's dive into the captivating world of Chaozhou tea traditions, where a simple stove and a clay kettle bring the tea experience to a whole new level.

When it comes to Gong Fu Cha, the Chaozhou stove and clay kettle are an absolute must-have. They hold the power to transform your tea sessions into something truly extraordinary.

It is believed that the Gong Fu Cha we know today formed in Taiwan, where it was heavily influenced by Japanese tea culture and was later reintroduced to China, where it continued to flourish. However, the heart of Gong Fu Cha lies in Guangdong, and the brewing style in Chaozhou closely reflects the traditional approach. Chaozhou Gong Fu Cha may not boast the same extravagance as the modern-day practice, but it captures the essence of brewing tea to perfection. To embark on this tea journey, all you need are the essentials: a charcoal stove, a Chaozhou clay kettle, good water, quality tea, a clay teapot, and three cups. These simple tools hold the power to unlock the flavors of your tea and elevate your experience. Imagine firing up the stove in your backyard or taking it on a scenic hike to brew tea amidst nature's embrace.



Many tea connoisseurs swear by the superiority of water boiled in a clay kettle over its stainless steel electric counterpart. We encourage you to put this claim to the test and form your own opinion. After all, the path of cha is all about embracing the joy of experimentation and discovering what resonates with your taste buds.

As you explore the enchanting world of Chaozhou tea traditions, take a moment to appreciate the significance of the Chinese writing adorning the stove. It bears a famous Chaozhou quote about Gong Fu Cha that beautifully captures the essence of the practice: "薄锅沸清泉,泥炉炽榄核" – "Water from clear springs is boiling in a thin-walled kettle, olive pits coal is burning bright in a stove." These words encapsulate the harmony and simplicity that lie at the heart of Chaozhou Gong Fu Cha.

So, embrace the Chaozhou tea aesthetic with a Chaozhou stove and clay teapot. Let the crackling fire and the soulful clack of the kettle transport you to a realm where tea becomes an experience like no other. May the path of cha lead you to new flavors, cherished moments, and a deeper appreciation for the art of tea. Cheers to the enchanting world of Chaozhou tea traditions!

    • Set Includes: Chaozhou charcoal stove & Chaozhou clay kettle
    • Material: Chaozhou clay
    • Kettle Capacity: 500ml
    • Filter: 7 holes
    Dimensions (stove & kettle together): Height: 9.5in/24cm; Width: 5.5in/14cm
    • Weight (stove & kettle together): 3.7lb/1.7kg


    NOTE: This set is handmade, making each piece unique and one of a kind. Thus, the set you will receive may slightly differ from the one in the photos.

    NOTE: If you plan to use the Chaozhou stove indoors, remember to prioritize safety and ensure proper ventilation. For fuel, opt for olive pit charcoal or a smokeless alternative that is free from carbon monoxide.

    NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Wonderful stove and pot. Bought some olivetti charcoal and then i was on my way. Turnaround time was 1 hr combined, stove prep and water boiling. No smoke. Very little odor indoors. Windows open.

    ling zhou
    Perfect for 1 or 2 peopler

    Great items, can't help making tea whenever I am free.

    Laura J
    A welcome effective companion

    The stove and kettle combination is a great buy. Both pieces are well made and pleasing to the eye, and the one time I have tried charcoal briquets the bottom half of the stove remained cool enough to move it around.* I have mostly used it with three tea lights, to keep water I've brought to boil in an electric kettle hot enough to make satisfying rebrews, without the beeping and fussiness of the electric kettle. Given enough time, the full kettle boils. It makes pleasant soft noises as it heats.** Although a slightly longer handle on the kettle would be nice, I have no trouble pouring even boiling water.

    * Charcoal briquets smell horrible, and two ashy briquets are not hot as three tea lights. But they didn't set off my CO monitor. I need to try with natural charcoal, but the whole undertaking would be easier if I still had a wood stove.
    **This is not the kind of kettle that turns into a badger, which is very sad but probably just as well.

    Thank you for the review, Laura! We are glad you are enjoying this set. Though, I must say, the part where a kettle is (or not) turning into a badger puzzled us for a minute until we realized that it's a reference to tanuki and the famous Japanese fable 'Bunbuku Chagama' :))

    We advise using olive pit charcoal – it produces almost no smoke, has very little odor, and can be easily found on Amazon. Use 5-6 charcoal nuggets, break them into smaller pieces (you can use a nutcracker for it), and it should work better than thaan or tea lights and 5-6 charcoal nuggets should be enough to bring the kettle to a full boil without preheating the water.

    Enjoy the sound of the boiling water and clacking lid:)

    In Tea We Trust!

    Elevates any Tea Session

    Ever since beginning to practice Gong Fu tea, I was intrigued by the charcoal kettle to heat water. It brings in a natural element to the session that can't be replaced. After buying this stove from Path of Cha, I really had no idea how much I'd enjoy it! I use it all the time now. The stove is fantastic. I love the design, the quality is great, and the capacity of the kettle (500ml) is perfect. There is a little removable piece at the bottom of the stove that lets you regulate air flow for great heat control. Be careful with this - but just wanted to also point out that I am able to operate the entire system with just my fingers without burning myself, which is also nice. The lid, the pouring, adjusting air flow etc.. I absolutely love this system and Path of Cha offers it for a great price! A lot of the other options out there are shipped from overseas (longer wait time and higher shipping cost) and some only include the stove (no kettle). This includes both pieces (kettle and stove) so be aware of that when you compare prices online.. just get some olive pit charcoal and you are good to go!