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"Dragon Egg" Handmade Chaozhou Teapot


This Handmade Chaozhou teapot is deeply rooted in the rich traditions of Gong Fu Cha, a tea-brewing practice originating from Chaozhou itself. Handcrafted from the distinctive Chaozhou clay, this teapot is a representation of the locals' deep connection with tea.

This Chaozhou clay teapot is crafted in a classical Dragon Egg shape (龙蛋 – Long Dan). The smooth curves and distinctive outline of the Dragon Egg, caroled by Qing Dynasty poet Wu Dingmei, are aesthetically pleasing and functional. Such shape is designed to accommodate longer tea leaves, such as twisted oolongs, giving them plenty of space to fit, unfurl, and release their flavors fully.

Boyka & Misha with Mrs.Lee – Chaozhou Potter


The clay for making teapots is sourced from the mountainous Feng Xi region near Chaozhou. Known as Chaozhou Hong Ni, Chaozhou Zhu Ni, or Chaozhou Da Hong Pao, the clay develops a rich red-orange hue with a natural shine after being fired, thanks to its high iron oxide content. Its pliable nature allows for crafting teapots on a wheel, resulting in thinner walls. The local kilns typically use firing temperatures nearing 1000ºC. Chaozhou clay is less porous than Yixing ZiSha and is good at preserving tea's bright, floral notes. 

Besides its beautiful and functional design, a standout feature of this teapot is its pouring speed. Ensuring a quick and controlled pour is essential in Gong Fu Cha as it allows for precision in brewing times, a key aspect of the Gong Fu Cha tea-making technique.

The art of perfectly crafting such a teapot is no simple task. This Chaozhou teapot is fully handmade by Qiu Wen, a gifted young potter and Chaozhou local. Qiu Wen has been honing her craft under the guidance of Master Li, a potter with decades of experience. In Master Li's studio, Qiu Wen stands out not just as an apprentice but as a trusted right hand, reflecting her skill and dedication to the art.

Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong, the region's most famed tea, shares a special bond with the Chaozhou red clay. A shared terroir seems to unite them in flavor naturally. Brewing the Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong in a Chaozhou teapot brings out the best in the tea, a synergy that few other combinations can replicate.

The people of Chaozhou have a preference for brewing their teas strong. The Chaozhou clay, with its unique properties, enhances the flavor of the tea, making it even more pronounced. So, if you're looking to enjoy your Fenghuang Shan Dan Cong Oolong as the locals do, the Chaozhou teapot isn't just a good choice; it's the only choice. It's a gateway to a deep appreciation for a tradition that has lasted generations.


 Material: Chaozhou Red Clay 

 Capacity: 110ml

• Speed of pour: 11 ml/sec (since each teapot is individually crafted, the pouring speed may vary)

• Filter: traditional, 7 holes

• Shape: Long Dan (Dragon Egg) – 龍蛋


NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning. 

NOTE: This teapot is handmade. Each piece is unique and one of a kind. Thus the teapot that you will receive may slightly differ from the one in the photos.